What is Just 4 Kids Magazine®?
    What should I write about?
    What ages are Just 4 Kids readers?
    What type of material should I write?
    How should I submit my writing?
    Will Just 4 Kids pay to use my writing?
    To whom should I mail my submission?

    What is Just 4 Kids Magazine?

    Just For Kids Magazine is a magazine designed for families with toddlers to teens,
    Just 4 Kids Magazine offers wholesome readings that teach about God's love, His Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Bible. Each page of Just 4 Kids Magazine affirms a child's self-worth. Included are fun and exciting puzzles, games, stories, poems, recipes, colorful pictures, scripture readings, Bible Stories and family devotions. The magazine is published monthly and includes a wide variety of materials. There are no advertisements.

    The purpose of Just 4 Kids Magazine is to create affordable resources to help build strong Christian families. God instructed parents to teach their children, and we want to share great ideas to help you bond with your family, while teaching your children about Our Heavenly Father God, His Son Jesus Christ, and how to walk in Power with the Holy Spirit. It is written and produced for children and designed to help children pray and be in a right relationship with God.

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    What should I write about?

    Each issue is built around a specific theme with material that can be used by children in a variety of ways. Scripture stories, fiction, poetry, prayers, art, graphics, puzzles, and activities are included. Submitted articles should help children experience a Christian lifestyle. Seasonal material is appropriate. We welcome submissions from children.

    Themes are set each year in December. A list is available at http://www.just4kidsmagazine.com/magazines.html.

    Just 4 Kids Magazine is interdenominational, and our readers include persons of many cultures and ethnic backgrounds. These differences should be reflected in the references that are made to lifestyles, living environments (suburban, urban, rural, reservation), families (extended families, single-parent homes), and individual names.

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    What ages are Just 4 Kids Magazine readers?

    The magazine is for children of ages two through teens, with a target reading age of seven through twelve. It is designed for families, although many teachers share it with their classes. The magazine is designed primarily for the personal use of children.

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    What type of material should I write?

    Below are some suggestions for guidelines. However we are open to looking at all stories submitted.

    Fiction and scripture stories should be between 400 and 1400 words. Our primary interest is in stories that can help children deal with real-life situations. We prefer real-life settings and miracles, but we occasionally use fables.

    Poems should be short.

    Non-fiction articles should be between 300 and 1,000 words. These should be related to a particular theme which has been projected. We also seek biographical sketches of persons, famous or unknown, whose lives reflect their Christian commitments and values. These may be either short vignettes (a single incident) or longer and more complete biographies. Articles about various holidays and about other cultures are included.

    We particularly desire articles about how children can become more like Jesus Christ in every day life. We are currently adding stories on virtues to help children understand why they should be obediant, peaceful, truthful etc. We especially invite TRUE stories of children who have experienced miracles from God, and who have shown extra special virtues and those involved in environmental, community, and peace/justice issues.

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    Will Just 4 Kids Magazine pay to use my writing?

    Many of our submissions are donated for ministry purposes. The copywrite will belong to the writer. These stories will be added to our online section only.

    If your material is approved for our printed magazine Just 4 Kids Magazine will receive the copywrite and you will receive payment during the month of publishing. We will make an initial response by email within six weeks after receiving the manuscript. So be sure and send your email address with your material. If we accept your material we may request that you submit your material by email at that time. If your material does not fit our current issue we may place manuscripts on long-term hold for specific issues. We do not return manuscripts. We purchase newspaper, periodical, and electronic rights, and we do not accept previously published material.

    We believe that each article is unique and may be best for different opportunities. Therefore we may offer that your story be in a specific printed issue of our magazine or on our online magazine section. We may also request that your story become a part of our Little Rainbow Castle Books for children. A general guideline for our rates are below: If your material is selected for a book the rates will be much more.

    How should I submit my writing?

    Contributions should be typed, double-spaced, on 8 1/2"x 11" paper.
    At this time all materials that are considered for pay are only accepted by mail. Materials and manuscripts submitted by e-mail will be considered as Ministry donation for our online section. If your material is used online we may contact you to use the material for our printed magazine, at that time we will make an offer to purchase your material. If we accept your story we will contact you to resend the story by email so that we will not need to retype it for our online section.

    • Stories and articles: Up to 5 cents a word
    • Family Devotions: $5.00 and up
    • Poetry: $2.00 and up
    • Activities, games: $2.00 and up
    • Art and Drawings: $1.00 and up

      As of 2012 we are not accepting submissions for pay
      However we may offer membership in exchange for stories.

    To whom should I mail my submission?

    Mail manuscripts to:
    Mauri Gandy, Editor
    Just 4 Kids Magazine
    19915 Lockwood Rd
    Manor, Texas 78653
    E-Mail: mauri@just4kidsmagazine.com

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