Wedding Cakes

made by Mauri Gandy

Dogwood Apple Blossoms Wedding Cake

Engagement and Shower cake

Many years ago I started researching wedding cakes. I wanted my children to have the most incredibly wedding cakes. So many times I tasted dry cakes at weddings. They looked nice, but tasted awful. When we had a Christian bookstore in Belton, Texas I had a small section of wedding supplies. I started talking to customers who were planning small weddings and did not have any idea where to start. So I began to help these customers and learned from them. It was not a profitable adventure, yet my main goal was to prepare myself for my own children's weddings. From writing the ceremonies to decorating the reception hall I have learned to do it all on a very small budget. Since I have seven children, and only three weddings so far, I have learned to keep everything. Therefore I can build towards the next wedding. I had hoped everyone would choose the same colors, but so far no one has.

The first wedding was small and quick. It cost me $2,000. My daughter's wedding was held in a beautiful mansion and was elegant. It was a $30,000 wedding that cost her about $5,000 because we did most of the work ourselves. The third wedding was lots of fun with mostly family members and close friends there. By using decorations from previous weddings, and buying flowers at half price, and other bargins at 90% off we were able to have a beautiful wedding for incredible savings.

I used a flower press for the Dogwood Apple Blossoms for my oldest son's garden wedding.

The Cakes

For the first wedding I had purchased a beautiful waterfall and large pillar stand. I have used this base for the first three weddings, an engagement party and for my 20th Anniversary party for our renewal vows. By changing the flowers not much else is needed. With this type of decorating around the cake, the actual cake itself does not have to be perfect. Even if the iciing starts to melt and drip no one seems to notice because of the beautiful decorations.

Some of the tricks I learned from other weddings is that small beads on a string can be used to highlight the edges. These can be used over and over for future weddings. Real lace placed under the cake can be washed and used again. Plastic ornaments can be purchased and placed on the sides of the cake. I have used angels for all of the cakes. Sometimes I place them on the side of the cakes and other times I place them on the pillars. For my oldest son's wedding I made a five tiered wedding cake topped with pink dogwood apple blossoms that I made myself from gum paste and a flower press. The cake recipe is Here

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