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Welcome Mates, My name is Jamie, and this is my brother Jonathan.
We will be your tour guides as we take an exciting adventure to
Treasure Island where we will discover the greatest treasure of all.
So come on aboard our ship ~
the J. E. S.    S. Where the only thing missing is U.
Let the fun begin!

This delightful book explains the different meanings of Christian Symbols like an Anchor, Ship, Life Saver device, and a lighthouse while searching for the real treasure in life ~ Jesus Christ.

5 stories of Paul from the book of Acts are written to capture your children's attention. The August Issue of Just 4 Kids Magazine features crafts, stories, fun recipes, and more ideas for lots of family fun that is specially designed to go along with this E-Book.

Be sure and check out the Paul's Journeys Board Game. This Board Game asks questions from the stories in this book.