Great Kings of Our Past.

by Jamie Gandy

“There was a time when the grandeur of stars in the sky did not exist. Back when the Great Kings of our past graced this earth with their presence.” The crowned creature lifts his large muzzle to look up into the star-shaped figures that beheld the astonishing glory above. “They lived and breathed, just as you and I do now.”

“Ho…how did they become a part of the sky?” a tiny spotted Cheetah cub speaks up from her nook hidden beneath the mighty Lion.

The Lion’s gaze briefly lowers to the three orphaned cubs at his paws, to look tenderly into their innocent eyes.

“They became the stars by the grace of our Creator. There was once a time when humans and animals walked side by side together, in a glorious garden…” the deep voice of the Lion dropped to a silent whisper. The memories of a long forgotten time playing out in the expression on his face, making it soft and fatherly. “Over time, men began to change. They no longer looked at us as equal creatures worthy of dwelling on this earth. They made us their prey, for their own pleasures sake. Your ancestors, who had once ran alongside children as companions and friends, ran from them. Those of us that escaped witnessed our parents, siblings and even our own cubs killed in front of us….”

“You saw your family killed too?” the young gray wolf pup asked. He moves his eyes to the sky above, spying out a starry shape that reminds him of his mother. “My mother died protecting me from humans. I…I hid in a bush as they ripped her beautiful pelt off her body…. Th…they tore her fangs from her mouth and laughed as they placed them around their necks….” At the terrifying memories, tears start to roam down the cub’s long muzzle. His companions, the Cheetah and Gorilla press in closer to his flank to comfort him. Sharing similar horrible memories that he has had to endure.

The massively large Lion wraps his long tail around the cubs. “We shall never forget our loved ones,” he speaks softly, affectionately. “We also must never forget the sacrifices they made for us.” “It hurts so much though…” the young Gorilla sniffles back a cry of her own. “I miss my mama and papa so much…”
“Me too,” both the Cheetah and Wolf cub sob their agreement in unison.

“The Creator, who has loved our kind from the very beginning has shown love and grace to our ancestors. Before the evil of men ruled, the dark night sky was an endless abyss of inky gloom, with only the moon hanging occassionaly above the earth. The animals resigned themselves to the worst. They had given up, drained of hope and despair, plunged in to an alien midnight. But then a new fire glowed when a mysterious horizon emerged with unimagined stars that shined in the dark sky.

When men had lost their souls, the Creator vowed that even if our names would not be remembered, our faces always would. In all His wonder, He created the stars through our ancestors spirits. So whenever you miss your loved ones, all you have to do is look up into the sky and find their faces among the stars,” the Lion encourages thoughtfully.

A silence falls over the four creatures as they gaze up into the animal shaped night sky overhead. The clarity of the night allows them to look into the faces of the Great Kings of their past, of long forgotten names and faces that had once roamed the earth.

Story written by Jamie Gandy / Christian on Fire 7 at Deviant Art

Painting by Chelsea Lowe

Collaboration on Deviant Art Contest in June 2016