You're a flower blooming in the new dawn... The colors around the setting sun ... A candle in the dark ... And you're every sailors beacon on the shore ... You're every perfect metaphor ... There's a culminating action of us all ... Sometimes there are miracles ... And our hands do the job ... For every action you move these thing along ... Everything you do moves these along ... Angels are hiding in the motions of humans... Angels are round to help us all... We are Angels hiding in the bones of humans.... Helping all these miracles along... There's a golden key that opens any lock ... The path to get the thing you want ... Is never really blocked ... And you're every persons' escort to the door ... And every other person is yours ... Every other person is yours ... Angels are hiding in the motions of humans ... Angels are around to help us all ... We are angels hiding in the bones of humans ... Helping all these miracles along ... Along.   
credits: from The Letter Writer (Songs From The Motion Picture), track released 24 November 2011   written by: Micah Dahl Anderson all rights reserved (CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE SONG)

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The above song "Angel Bones" is the theme song from the wonderful movie "The Letter Writer".
An inspirational movie about an older man who touches a teenage girl by randomly writing her an encouraging letter. This movie is Mauri's top choice to watch together as a family. After the movie talk with your children about how you as a family can touch other people with kindness.


Did you watch American Idol this season l(2011) like millions of viewers?

This year the last two to compete for the title of American Idol is sixteen year old Lauren Alaina and seventeen year old Scotty McCreery. Both are teenagers who are not afraid to confess their love for God and to give God the credit for their amazing talent of singing. It has been fun to once again watch the competitors improve each week as they preform their song choices. The last time our magazine wrote about American Idol was when Jordin Sparks won the title when she was only seventeen.



Seventeen year old Jordin Sparks was voted as America's favorite Idol. Jordin is from Glendale, Arizona; and the daughter of a professional football player. When Jordin sang on stage she sparkled, and she said her vocals are a gift from God. Her sweet young, wholesome image makes Jordin the kind of girl that parents want their daughter to admire. Third runner up was sweet-natured Melinda Doolittle, 29, who graced the stage with her amazing singing and humbleness. Melinda seemed gracious and flattered by all the praise that has been given to her. Brutally honest judge Simon Cowell made a comment on the show that singers as talented as Doolittle are usually not as humble as she is. Before becoming an American Idol contestant Melinda was a back up singer to the popular gospel Christian singers CeCe Winans and Aaron Neville.

Two years ago Carrie Underwood mesmerized the judges and American Idol fans with her flawless voice and incredible beauty. But what impressed everyone the most was her humbleness. Her beauty shined from the inside to the outside, and she was dubbed America's Sweetheart. When the top eleven contestants preformed on March 22, Carrie Underwood sang Heart's "Alone" for the Billboard #1's theme. Her performance received applause from the jury, notably Simon Cowell, who said, "Carrie, you're not just the girl to beat, you're the person to beat. I will make a prediction, not only will you win this competition, but you will sell more records than any other previous 'Idol' winner!"

The first song Carrie recorded as the American Idol winner was "Inside Your Heaven", and soon to follow was "Jesus Take the Wheel". From the very beginning she wanted everyone to know that she loves God and He is most important in her life. Carrie has won the Grammys twice, she is the reigning CMA Female Vocalist of the Year, and was recently crowned ACM Top Female Vocalist. On May 23, 2007 during the American Idol season finale Carrie sang "I'll Stand By You", then Clive Davis awarded her a special certified plaque for her debut album, Some Hearts, which received the RIAA-certified Sextuple Platinum for sales of six million copies in the United States. After she was given the award she gave Thanks to everyone and then quickly said "So let's get back to the show and the winner."

Even after all the fame and awards Carrie still has the sweet humble attitude that we fell in love with two years ago. I am pleased that she was choosen as an American Idol. She sets a great example for our youth.

I really like watching American Idol and voting for our favorites. It is fun to watch the talent being discovered and the contestants becoming better singers with training by professionals. Then when your favorites release new CDs you feel like you were there when they became discovered and famous. However I do not like that we call these singers IDOLS. It is OK to enjoy listening to a good singer and to admire their good qualities. But it is not good to have a singer, movie star, friend or anyone to be your idol.


The 2nd Commandment recorded in Exodus 20:4 says "You shall not make yourselves any idols: no images of animals, birds, or fish. You must never bow or worship it in any way; for I, the Lord your God, am very possessive. I will not share your affection with any other god! (The Living Bible)

Idolatry started because men found that it was difficult to worship a god that they could not see. So they decided to make something which represented god. They thought that if they could see something to represent god it would be easier to think of Him.

William Barclay made an excellent statement on idolatry in his book on God's law. It says... "We can perhaps understand it, if we think of it this way. Suppose we have a friend whom we have not seen for a very long time, and suppose we sit down to write a letter to that friend, and suppose we find the letter hard to write, because we have been separated for so long. In such a situation it might well help if we took a photograph of the friend and put it where we could see it, and wrote, as it were, looking at the photograph. The photograph would bring our friend nearer to our mind. At first that is what an idol was meant to do.

"The trouble was that men began to worship the idol instead of the god it stood for, men began to worship the symbol instead of the reality it was supposed to represent. It is not really difficult to see how idolatry began, and it is not really so silly as it looks. For all that, we may well be saying, 'I am not likely to do a thing like that.' But perhaps we are more likely to do it than we think.

"Take a very small thing first of all. Quite a lot of people carry some kind of lucky mascot, some kind of charm. Some carry a lucky penny or a lucky sign of the zodiac, or, for instance, if they go on a journey, they take a St. Christopher sign to avoid accidents. That is really idolatry, for it is believing that in some way the carrying of a little bit of metal or plastic can have an effect on thier lives.

"But there is something much more serious than that. The real essence of idolatry is that a man worships a thing instead of God.

"There is no doubt at all that there is a great deal of that today. People assess their success in life by the number of things which they possess. We think a man a success if he has a big motor car, or an elaborate television set or record-player, or if he can go every year for a Continental holiday. This is obviously wrong." (1)

by Mauri Gandy

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(1) William Barclay. The Old Law and the New Law (Philadelphia, PA: The Westminster Press, 1972) p. 11-13