Chasing Mavericks

Chasing Mavericks review. October 26th 2012
Chasing Mavericks is a story of hopes and dreams, a story of a boy who knew what he had to live for. Some of us chase our dreams of going to college, or becoming a football player or a Lawyer. And there are others that dream of chasing the biggest wave, like Jay Moriarity he lived for riding those waves, for pushing himself to become strong enough for the Mavericks.

The imagery in this movie is outstanding; it pulls you into the sea and sucks you deep into the beauty of the water. It makes you feel and see the details of the scene, makes you long to run your fingers through the surface of the tide, to inhale the fresh scent of sea air.

Chasing Mavericks makes you realize the importance of living everyday to the fullest, to love those around you while you have the chance to do so, because each day is numbered and to never let the ‘distance’ of our own problems draw us away from those we love most. This movie also shows us the effect of fatherhood on our younger generation, how our boys and girls desperately need the strong leadership of role-models from fathers. How without the guidance of a father figure many of us will never reach the dream of ‘riding the Mavericks.’ How the loss of our fathers become our biggest ‘fears’, they hold us back from achieving what we want most. Acceptance and love.

Jay defines all the odds, reaches the goals of what he was created for, he lives his life to the very fullest and changes the lives of so many others along the way. ‘We are all from the water, but we don’t all live for the water.’

Chasing Mavericks is a clear five stars printed on my sleeve!

Jamie Gandy - Just 4 Kids Magazine

This story is inspirational and amazing, but as a film maker I was captured by the incredible videography and imagery throughout the movie. Some of the most beautiful work ever created in a movie about the ocean. Chasing Mavericks is a MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN! Mauri Gandy

Article about Jay Moriarity and making the movie in Santa Cruz