It was a simple act of kindness,
      something that I didn't have to do.
      But once that choice was made,
      I'm glad I saw it through.
      To see that look of gratitude on that man's face,
      confusion written in his gaze.
      For not everyone understands a simple kindness.
      But once they do, they can't help but 'pay it forward.'
      And the kindness of one stranger changes a life.

      It comes as easy as breathing,
      like my left arm, or my right eye.
      I need them, and they need me.
      We are apart of each other, (no joke)
      Picking up a fallen fork,
      or helping that man with his car,
      or taking that bullet for that child.
      And the kindness of one stranger changes a life.

      Falling to his knees, his hand floating to his chest.
      Crimson red is all I see.
      And he wonders if he lived a fulfilling life.
      He then lifts his gaze to see that innocent face,
      the child he just saved.
      And that's when he knows,
      his life was fully lived.
      For my simple kindness was shown to him,
      which in return he showed it back to her.
      His life he gave for a single stranger.
      And the kindness of one stranger changes a life.

      Written by Jamie Gandy (June 1, 2009)

      This poem was inspired by a kindness my dad and I showed to this couple today when we went to get something to eat. We were able to help them with their car and later when we were back home at the table eating I said something like. " The kindness of one stranger." I liked how that sounded and just had to write a poem with that title. And this is what come out. Hope y'all like it.