Two Thanksgiving Pictures for you to color

Place Names on Bottom and use as Place Cards for Thanksgiving Dinner



Clothespin Name Card Holder

Materials: Glue heavy poster board, picture above,
clear contact paper, colors, and one clip-type clothespin.
Instructions: From poster board and clear contact paper, cut a square the same size as the Thanksgiving picture you choose. Glue colored picture onto poster board and then place the contact paper on top of the picture to protect it. Glue the handle of the clothespin to the back of the cardboard picture. (Make sure the bottom of the square meets the end of the clothespin so it will stand by itself.) Cut out small squares from the colored construction paper and write names of everyone that will eat at your Thanksgiving dinner. Clip the name on top of the clothespin.

Napkin Rings

Paper towel tubes, craft sticks, several colors of poster paint, paintbrushes,
felt pens, package of colorful or Holiday napkins.
Instructions: Cut paper towel tube into 1 ˝ inch sections – one for each member of your family or guests. Paint outside and edges of napkin rings. After paint dries, use felt pen to letter “THANK YOU GOD” on each napkin ring. Fold napkin as shown below, and place inside napkin ring.

For a quick alternative we used shiney metalic Orange paper, and wrapped the napkin rings, pushing the extra paper inside the ring. Jamie placed a Thanksgiving picture in the center of each napkin ring. Then she folded paper holiday napkins of a turkey and placed inside each napkin ring.

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