Treasured Tears

   One…ten…twenty… thirty.
From the first day you were birthed,
You cried so many helpless times.
Each tear could never be numbered,
Impossible to keep count of their trails;

  But God said ‘I know ever hair on your head,’
He knows every tear that you shed.
The count of hairs is far easier to follow,
Than the amount of tears we each cry.
But He knows and He sees the pain and joy it brings.

  One hundred…five hundred….nine hundred…
From one broken heart to another,
Each tear doubles in number by your tender soul.
You sometimes don’t see the point in loving,
And would rather risk dying than hurting again.
But with each love lost you learn to mature,
You learn what it truly means to love another being.

   With each tear you cry God strokes it gently away,
His arms embrace your shaking body with His grace.
‘One thousand tears you have shed, but rest My Love.
For every single one of your tears are caught in My hand.
Stored and treasured in a golden chest in Heaven.
Where I can see, where I can count and touch.
For each of your tears are special to Me.
Daughter you were not made to be broken, but whole.
Come see these tears I hold to know just how much I love you so.’

   The numbers will always count upward, for life promises trials.
Within the challenges we’ll cry out in anger or sadness.
In the Glorious times we’ll cry out with joy and dancing.
Tears will always be apart of who we are.
But as hundreds go to thousands and thousands to millions,
He catches each and every one, treasuring them up above.

   Jamie Gandy.

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