It was the fifth day of December and the Gandy's were decorating their Christmas Tree. Mom had just read the daily advent story and lesson from the "25 Days of Christmas". Today Jamie learned that "E" is for "Evergreen" and the family decorated their home with "Evergreens". The previous days the kids had learned about Angels, Baby Jesus, the City of Bethlehem and Donkeys.

It was little Jamie's favorite time of year. Each day Jamie and her older brothers and sisters would hang a special ornament on the beautiful Christmas tree. These precious ornaments were wrapped in a red and green decorated box. Each ornament represented a part of the wonderful Christmas story of the birth of Jesus Christ. After hanging the ornaments the kids would work on a special Advent activity and then sing a Christmas song together. They would end by praying to God.

Every day in December was a special adventure for the Gandy family. It was a wonderful time to share the love of Jesus. Christmas became more than a single day of celebration. The whole month was a treasured time to draw closer as a family and closer to Jesus.

  Today Jamie is twenty-one years old. This page was written when she was sixteen. She still gets excited during the Advent season and loves to open the special Christmas box that holds the treasured ornaments she and her family have made over the last eleven years of their Advent Adventures.

Jamie enjoys teaching her nieces and nephews the true meaning of Christmas during the Advent Season. Her family does not spend alot of money during Christmas. Instead they spend alot of family time getting to know more about Jesus and His awesome story.

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