Hello My Dearest Craig sir and Mauri Gandy Madam,

We love you and we thank you very much for your prayers and for your emails. I and my wife Hephzibah are orphans are praying for you and your lovely Mauri and your children and ministries.

Please please try to encourage spiritual and please come to India in November. Would you like to visit in November? We would like to invite you and beloved Mauri Gandy to India main speakers. We have been praying for you and your trip to India. I am sending some pictures please pray for us. Tomorrow we will be write to you back soon. Thank you sir and madam.

Yours love in Christ

Pastor A, John Prasad


Pastor A,John and Hephzibah.Prassad


300 Pastors in villages in Southern India
Orphanage with 37 children
Please pray for them and provision to feed the children and indeed for all their work.

My Dearest Craig Gandy Sir and Mauri Gandy Madam,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ! Praise Lord and hallelujah! once again itís my great privilege and great time to being with you and your beloved Mauri Gandy by this email. We thank you so much for your kind encouragement words. We thank very much for your blessing email. We have been praying for you & your Loving Mauri and your JCI World Corporation. We would like to become a relationship with you and we want work with you and your JCI World Corporation Ministries.

In the month of November 2nd to 13th 2009. We are going to arrange the seminar with 200 Pastors and Revival fire Public meetings so by this time few are welcoming you and your beloved your Mauri to preach and teach the Gods word in the midst of the Indian people. We are very anxious to hear your spiritual encouragement messages and your miracle power which God has given to you and your visit definitely filled our soul with the spirit of God. Please let me do you have any friends and pastors in India?

We would like to work with your JCI World Corporation and have touch with you to extend the coming kingdom of God. We are working mostly in the Hindu areas many people are coming to know He is the only one God who can save from sin and give eternal life. we have read your wonderful teachings in your Site. It was very nice words.

My Beloved Craig Sir and Mauri Madam, as we are working many places in India Please teach us and guide us to go through the village by village to bring the perishing souls un to Christ. Strengthen us pray for us stretch your hands for the Glory of God. I and my team willing to work with you and your JCI World Corporation in the days to come.

Please remember us in your JCI board meeting as you are gathering. Please make a possible action to extend your kind love and prayer to the invitation. So we love you and honor you because you are the everything and to work for the lords work. We thank you very much for your for loving teachings in world.

We all the pastors together decided to organize a big crusade meeting, in one of our very big Idol worship village and a pastorís conference for the untrained pastors to deliver correct and truth of the Good News. I and my wife Hephzibah and the Pastors fellowship would like to invite you & Mauri Gandy as one key note speakers of any one of the above meetings.

My Loving Craig Sir and Mauri, We have been praying for you and waiting for you. We are excited to share with you the wonderful work God is doing in and through this church. We teach believers how wonderful God's love is so that they will go and share Jesus with others. We hope you see in India. Please pray for orphanage and us Our daily prayers are be with you and your family and your ministries. We will be pleased to hear from you soon,

Love and Blessings.
Pastor A, John Prasad
Founder, AGCM.

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