10 years old. from Western Australia (Perth). Katrina loves horses and homeschools.
You can visit her homepage Here.

Quakers Hill, NSW. Tia from Hillsong Church is 4 years old.

Blue Haven, New South Wales
Hello I am Brandons mum. I will type for him as he dictates to me. It is very nice of you to have responded to him, as he is really excited about being a member.
I am Brandon. I am five years old, and I was born in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. I have a 25 year old sister, and a 23 year old brother. I am adopted because I am special. God gave my mummy a chance to have a lovely little boy, and they picked me.
Three years ago, my mummy moved to Australia and got married to my new daddy. He adopted me too. Now I live in Australia with my mummy and daddy. I live in a place called Blue Haven, New South Wales. It is on the Central Coast.
I go to Seventh-day Adventist Church. I love learning about Jesus. I love Jesus because he died for me on the cross. My most favourite Bible story is about Noah and the Arc. At school we had a parade, and I dressed up like Noah. I have the movie and the book about him.
I hope you are having a good Easter weekend. My mum and dad gave me a bunny rabbit for Easter and I called him Malachi. I have a Cockatiel named Jonah and a Cockatoo named Noah.
I look forward to Sabbath every Saturday because we get to go with all the other children and learn about Jesus. Thank you for being my new friend. I will put my picture on here so you can see me.
I will say a prayer for you now. Close your eyes.
Dear God Please bless Craig, Mauri, Jennifer, Jonathan and Jamie, my new friends. Be in their hearts and help them to help lots of little girls and boys learn more about you. And thank you for giving me this page to learn about you too. In your most lovely name. Amen
Talk to you soon.
Brandon Lee Douglas Davidson.

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

United States of America

Tuskegee - Dawn

Yellville - Caren Baptist

North of Sacramento - Jaymen & Tyler
Jaymen is 4 and Tyler just turned 1! Tyler is new to walking and Jaymen loves to watch Bob the Builder. Visit Jaymen's Blue Clue's pages HERE.

Santa Barbara - Joy from Christ Presbyterian Church. Loves to make christian crafts with kids.

Mission Viejo - Merideth

Burbank - Sedie from Church on the Way. Loves to write for children

Tampa Bay - Barbara and 2 children 8 and 9 years of age.

Adairsville - Tammy from Adairsville Church of God. Loves working with children.
Hortense - Joey Lynn from Twin Rivers Baptist. Loves motherhood.

Harrodsburg - V. and Donna from Little Zion Baptist Church in Burgin, KY.
Williamsburg - Donna a Baptist.

Abbeville - Rebecca
Breaux Bridge - Tam, mother of a 3 & 4 year olds who love to color. They go to St. Bernard Church.

Somerset - Ruth from Hillside Bible Baptist Church loves to make crafts with kids.

Detroit - Talea was born in 1991.

New York
Endicott - Ena Louise from Assemblies of God.
Loves to Praise God through songs.
Pleasant Valley - Pam

North Carolina
Colfax - Sherrill from Smith Grove Baptist Church.
Gaston - Shakeria & Latara from Gaston Baptist Church is 9 and 7 years old and loves to read.
Greensboro - Nikela from Revelle Hill Baptist Church is 21 years old.
Oxford - Lauren from St. James Catholic Church is 11 years old and loves to play soccer and sing.

Boardman - Briana 8 years old.
Delphos - Lisa from Spencerville Full Gospel Church. Sunday School Teacher.

Stillwater - Garret 6 years old from Sunnybrook Christian Center. Loves to play basketball.

Portland - Talina. Loves to read.

Greensburg - Deborah grandparent of
Scottsdale - Alex who is 3 from Greensburg Alliance Church.
Midland - Nick who is a 7 year old Catholic, and loves sports.
Verona - Michelle from Holy Temple Church of God in Christ.

South Carolina
Sumter - Barbara from Crosswell Baptist Church iloves to make crafts with kids.

Austin - Jasmine,& Kylee
Jasmine is 2, Kylee is 5.
Jasmine's favorite video is "Donut Man". She loves to watch Duncan the Donut. You can read about her 2nd birthday HERE Kylee and Jasmine are not sisters, but they live together in a big house with their Mom's and Jasmine's Uncle.

Houston - Carrie and children ages 6, 12 & 15 from Mt. Canaan Baptist Church
Tyler - Amaris from Salt Youth Church 4 years old loves to play with brother.

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