Mother's Day

          I will cherish this moment.
          I will not let it slip away like sand between my fingers.
          Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come,
          but I have this moment today!

Memories are precious, fleeting enchanted moments that enrich our lives. Yet they can easily get blurred and dimmed with the passing of time.
These ideas are designed to help you capture holidays and special moments to enrich family time together and help teach biblical lessons.

May is full of special days that will give you the opportunity to create memories that can last in your children's minds forever. So come on join our family and try these wonderful family events! The following links go to our pages of stories and activities.

MAY 2005 ~ Issue 5 Vol 7

"Electronic" Magazine

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Mothers Day by Sweet Azalea ~ Great ideas. or download pdf file


Mothers Day Poem

Poem "Before I was a Mom"

"A Special Love" ~ Baby Brandon & "If I Knew" Poem

Gift For Mom - html page or pdf file.


Story about Mother who was "Too Busy"

A Mother's Love

A Mother's Path

Friends are God's way of taking care of us.

Just 4 FUN

Rainbow Castle Bible Stories

Memorial Day ~ or download pdf file

Bible Section

In the section "What the Bible is All About"
Overview of the 5 books of Poetry in the Old Testament. CLICK HERE to read.


If you have a Birthday in May be sure and read some of our ideas for a super great Birthday Party at Sweet Azalea's Birthday pages

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