Calling My Friends

I'm calling all my friends today,
As I have things I want to say!
I'm afraid if I wait too long,
The day will get away.

I want to tell you just how much,
You really mean to me.
How beautiful is your friendship,
And in you the love I see.

A word or call to you my friend,
With the first hello,
Brightens up my life and spirits,
In ways you never know.

I'm so thankful to have you in my life,
You're such a special friend.
Always so willing to give a hand,
And encouragement always lend.

So when you hear that ring a ling,
Just pretend that it is me!
Calling to say I love you and,
Soon I hope to see!

Used with permission


Art Courtesy Image-Cafe

The heart effect courtesy of LISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL.
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