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Just 4 Kids Magazine is designed to teach children the important truths of the bible. When writing our Christmas Magazine in 2000 we discovered that the Catholics taught their children the famous song "The 12 days of Christmas" to help students remember important truths of the bible. I began teaching my children the meaning of the song, and realized that as parents and teachers we should teach our children these truths that are in the song. The 12th in the song is the 12 apostle creed. In our lessons we teach the meanings of the 12 stones found in the foundation at the New Jerusalem in Heaven.

Each month our magazine teaches a fundamental truth from the Bible.
January we learn about the 6 days of Creation.
February we will learn the 2 parts of the bible Old and New Testaments and
the "Torah" first 5 old testament books written by Moses.
March we learn about the 11 Faithful Disciples that Jesus called.
April we will learn about the 10 Commandments.
May we learn that the first 4 books of the New Testament are called GOSPELS meaning Good News.
June we will learn about the 8 Beatitudes that Jesus taught,
July we focus on the 9 Fruits of the Spirit.
August we learn about the 7 Gifts of the Spirit, and the journeys of Paul.
September we will learn about the Trinity.
Now the children have learned the fundamental truths for a strong foundation.
October we learn about Spirtual Warfare and How to Walk in God's Power.
November is dedicated to teaching how to pray, which includes Praising and Thanking God for Everything.
December ends with #1 Jesus Christ who was born so that we can live.

2015 Issues



The Creation Story - Did you Know Bible Facts -
Family Activities on Creation - Winter Fun Facts -
Who Made God? - Special New Years Fun -
Crafts - Recipes and Games

The Best Kind of Love - God's Love
You Are Wonderfully Made -
Family Activity on Being Special -
Special Valentine Pages - Who Was St. Valentine?
Crafts - Recipes and Games

Everlasting Love - How Long Will God Love Me?
Who Was Saint Patrick? -
Saint Patrick Activities and Just 4 Fun -
Family Activity on Virtue of Honesty -
Bible Stories of Noah, Jacob,
Jesus & the Children and Jesus & His Disciples -
Special Story "Kylee the LadyBug"
Irish Recipes - Crafts Just 4 Fun Pages

Easter Special - Beyond The Easter Bunny
The Most Amazing Story Ever Told -
Stories from Palm Sunday until Jesus' Ascension
Family Sedar Meal and Activities
Puppet Play - "Something New"
Crafts - Recipes - Quiz & Games

Available online

The Ten Commandments
Helping children understand God's Law.

Special Mother's Day Issue
Crafts to make special for mom
Family Actitity on Cheerfulness
Special Story - "Sierra the Songbird"
Bible Story - "Ruth - A Special Daughter-In-Law"
Memorial Day Special pages and poems
Recipes and Just 4 Fun pages

Special Father's Day Issue
Family Activities on Forgiveness
Bible Stories on Joseph, Peter and The Prodical Son
Teaching the 8 Beatitudes and
What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?
Crafts - Recipes - Just 4 Fun Pages

Special 4th of July Pages and A Nation Under God
Bible Story of Moses Lifting His Arms to Win a Battle
New Testament - Prison Gates Open for Peter
Crafts - Recipes Kids Love to Make

Bible Stories - Samuel and Treasure Island
Journeys of Paul - 4 Adventure Lessons.
Summer Fun in the Sand and Water.
Crafts - Recipes - Jokes and Just 4 Fun Pages.

Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah
Learn to Walk in God's Awesome Power
Bible Stories on God Keeping Us Safe -
Moses in the Bulrushes and Daniel in the Lions Den
God Helps us to Be Brave Like David
Just Ask - Who is the Holy Spirit and What is the Trinity
Crafts - Recipes and Just 4 Fun Pages

Kids Learn How to Prepare to be in the Lord's Army
Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?
Are You a Pumpkin? and other great stories
A Special Pumpkin Lesson Plan
Recipes - Crafts and Just 4 Fun Pages

This issue includes our popular book "Teaching Children How To Pray"

Praising and Thanking God for Everything
Great Thanksgiving ideas and stories.

Advent Instruction Book

25 days of Advent and 12 Days of Christmas
This book gives you ideas for crafts, stories and
37 days of activities during the Christmas Season.

25 Adventures Stories

and Advent Calendar, and Advent Cards

and start teaching your kids about the Bible
the FUN and EXCITING way!

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