by Mauri Gandy

    On January 6th, 2013 Craig and I helped film a special television program at Channel Austin main studio. Several concerned teachers and parents came to Austin to expose the truth of what our Texas students are being taught in the new online Cscope Curriculum.

    In 2010 our Texas Governor, Rick Perry had promised that he would not allow text books that are written with the Marxist Communist agenda. In fact this was so important that Texas did not receive federal grant money of $830 million for Texas because we refused to accept these text books that leaves out important history, constitutional facts and degrades the Christian religion.

    One of the parents reported that Governor Perry was surprised last year when he was told that the current curriculum "CSCOPE" is in fact written and produced by Common Core and the Obama Agenda 21 group of Bill Ayers and Linda Darling Hammond. Read the letter written Janice VanCleave to Governor PerryHERE Currently over 80% of Texas Middle and High Schools are using this curriculum. The parents and teachers that we met with were still not aware how this curriculum got past our leaders.

    Personally in 1995 I was concerned of the curriculum being taught to my middle sons that were leading teachers to tell the students that they should not believe their parents because they are stupid. And recent testimonies from Carol Everett in the Blood Money Film states that the agenda of the Sex Education in the schools were to get the teenagers to not go to their parents but to go to trained Planned Parenthood Counselors. These so called counselors only purpose was to sell the service of abortions. And to make the whole agenda even worse, they were giving the girls low dosage of birth control pills so that they would get pregnant and have an abortion.

    As more evil and manipulation of our children's minds and morals are being exposed we are finding more parents taking a stand and fighting "the good fight" as Paul encouraged us in 2 Timothy 7.

    Below is the radio program that was recorded on 1490 AM radio. The testimonies of these teachers and parents will alarm you, if you are not concerned already. I will also provide you a link to the television program that was recorded when it is released.

    On Point with Laurie Bartlett Radio program on C-Scope Lessons


    Concerned Texas Parent - Ginger Russell

    Concerned Texas Parent - Dr. David Stovall

    Concerned Texas Algebra Teacher - Dr. Stan Hartzler

    Concerned Texas Science Teacher - Janice Van Cleave

    Concerned Teacher - Ms. Jeanine McGregor

    CLICK HERE to watch Anonymous Teacher


TX CSCOPE REVIEW - Janice VanCleave

Class App Cog Psych by Dr. Stan Hartzler

Red Apple

On Point


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