Mommy, Mommy Please
Donít take me away from my Dad,
I really need him to hold me,
But you took me away and I am so sad

I am just a little baby
But if I could only speak
I would plead with you
Not to make me the object of hide and seek.

I heard you say ďItís just me and you,
And you are brave and strong.
You do not need a man!Ē
But mommy, please this is very wrong.

I need my daddy to love me.
I need him to hold me at night,
And hold me again in the morning
Please Mommy do what is right!

I know you did not have a daddy
Which made you very sad.
He was never there for you,
But my Daddy wants to be my Dad!

Donít you think I deserve a better life than this?
Mommy, I need my Daddy ~ Donít you understand?
I need him to be there for me.
And to hold my precious little hand.

I need to crawl up on his lap
And snuggle safe in his arms.
I deserve to be loved by him,
And protected from all harm.

Mommy, Mommy Please
Take me home to my Dad.
I really need his love and he needs mine.
If we were a family again I would be so very glad!

Mauri Gandy

Angel, Angel, My precious little Angel
Your grandma is crying again tonight
Because you do not have your daddy, and grandma
to make sure everything is going to be alright.

The last time I held you, you were only 2 weeks old
Months passed, and I have not seen your sweet smiles,
Nor even a picture of your beautiful face.
Your mommy took you away from us so many many miles.

Every day I think of you, and wonder how you are.
Oh how my heart longs to hold you tight.
My arms are empty, no little baby girl to sing to.
But my prayers are stronger cause I pray with all my might.

Most of all I hurt for my wonderful son,
He is your daddy, and he loved you before you were born.
Your Mommy took you far away so Daddy can not see you,
And your Daddyís tender heart is terribly torn.

It is hard to understand how your mommy could hurt us so.
We loved her and treated her with kindness.
Daddy loves your Mommy still, and Grandma loves her too.
Angel I want you to know you are our special princess.

I pray that God will send his very best Guardian Angels
To protect our precious Angelea Lynn again tonight.
And please please dear Lord, Please bring Angel home.
So her Daddy can hold her close and tight.

~ Mauri Gandy ~


October 12, 2005

9 months old today

Dear: Angelea Lynn Burnell

Its hard to say I miss you,
Since youíve been gone itís not the same.
Itís hard to say I Love you,
since youíve been gone Iím not the same.
Itís hard to think that I was wrong.
I can close my eyes, and you appear.
My worries are washed away up to the sky.
Itís hard to say how I feel today,
this years gone by,
and Iíve cried all the tears I can possibly cry.
As long as my eyes and the sky is blue
my love for you will never fade.
I will thank the Lord everyday
for answering all the prayers I pray.
All my feelings will be wasted away in time,
but today I love you, you are the love of my heart.
You should know I love you, I miss you ,
youíve been gone to long to far away.
Iíve Loved you all along, since before you were born.
On my knees, praying, Iíll ask one last chance,
for you to know I Love you.
I keep dreaming, believing, youíll be with me before I go.
With you Iíll with stand anything,
I wonít give up.
I need to hear you say, I love you.
Iíll keep dreaming of you,
believing you need me more than we shall ever know,
Please donít ever let me go.

P.S. I will Love you forever,
I will cherish you for always,
as long as Iím breathing my Love youíll be.

Forever Loving you
Bradley J. Burnell


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 God Please Bring Angelea Lynn Burnell home to Bradley J. Burnell
Bless their home with Love, Happiness, Prosperity and Peace.



©August 3, 2005