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Dear Just For Kids

Can you tell me why people call Jesus the Lamb of God?
Love Mary

Dear Mary

In the old testament, the Jewish people would kill a lamb and offer it to God as part of their worship. The lamb was sacrificed to God so that God would forgive their sins.

In the Bible (John 1: 29), John the Baptist saw Jesus coming. John told the people,
"Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!"

The Bible teaches us that Jesus was without sin. He was pure and Holy like none before or after Him. He was acceptable unto God to take on all the sins of the world. Not only was Jesus acceptable, but He was willing to die a very cruel death so that Christians, (those that believe and follow Jesus), can be acceptable to God as His children. It is through Jesus' blood as the sacrificial lamb of God that we are forgive.

Love Jennifer, Jonathan and Jamie.

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