Just Ask ~ What does a "Blue Moon" Mean?

On July 31st 2015 we are going to see a Blue Moon.
You may have heard someone say "Once in a Blue Moon" .

What does that mean? Are we going to see the color of blue in the moon?

No ~ A Blue Moon means that two full moons will fall in the same month.
The second moon seen in the same month is referred to as the Blue Moon
And that does not happen very often because it is rare that the cycle
of the moon will occur during the same month.
In fact we will not see another Blue Moon until January 31, 2018.
That is almost 2 1/2 years.

Some people believe that a Blue Moon is a time to do something special
during the night of a Blue Moon

On July 31st 2015 we will also have a meter shower that night.
You might not see the meter shower because of the brightness of the moon.

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Story of a city girl visiting a Texas sky.

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