You are My Precious Gem

A Prophetic Word By Mary Clark

You are My precious gem. You are rare.
Your worth is far beyond anything in the world.
I treasure you. I hold you in the highest esteem.

When the world tries to pull you down, remember these words.
Remember that you are your Godís fine treasure.
He looks at you and sees beauty far beyond anything man could make.
I see a multifaceted loveliness that I look on with much satisfaction in My heart.

I am your God. You are My treasure, My precious gem. Never doubt this truth.
Never let the enemy convince you otherwise, and know this for certain, beloved:
Your God has made arrangements the likes of which you cannot fathom.
They are arrangements to bless you in the days ahead with My loving presence in an extraordinary way.

Donít ever think that your God does not take each of His precious gems in hand, polish them,
and place them in just the right light, the light that will benefit and enhance in a mighty way.

No. Donít ever think that I am not capable of doing just that.
I can and I will, My precious gem, My very own wonderful treasure!!!

Mary Clark