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This beautiful Easter Jelly Bean Prayer Bracelet can still be ordered in time for Easter.

It makes a wonderful keepsake for any child's Easter. Add it to your children's Easter Basket to remind them of the true meaning of Easter.

The Bracelets are custom made.
Medium size includes three beads of each color instead of spacers. The charms in the pictures are no longer included.

Only $9.95

You can order our special Jelly Bean Prayer Card to go with the Jelly Bean Bracelet. You can make the bracelets yourself and print our special designed "Jelly Bean Bracelet" Prayer card. We added 4 additional lines to the poem to make giving the bracelet even more special when giving as an Easter gift. One sheet includes 4 cards to print and cut. Print as many as you want or make enough for your whole sunday school class.
Save hours of your time designing one
Only $1.25
Jelly Bean Cross Necklace. Many of you asked us to create something for the boys. Now you can give them this 24 inch chain necklace that has a cross and eight colored beads from the Jelly Bean Prayer.
Only $7.95


Wear this beautiful bracelet and when someone asks about it you have them listening to your witness about Jesus Christ. What a great way to open the door to win souls for Jesus.
Only $9.95

For only $2.00 each you can add up to 3 charms (Cross, Fish and Prayer Box)

Witness Cross

Same as Jelly Bean Cross pictures but with colors of Witness Bracelet.
Only $7.95


This cute bracelet has nine colored beads each representing a different fruit of the Spirit. You can add three charms (Jesus is Love, Dove with Peace, and a small Bible) Comes in two sizes child and adult.

When I started researching gems. I discovered that the beginning of Birthstones for each month started because of Aaron's Breastplate that is found in Exodus. God told Moses to make a breastplate for Aaron and to have a differant stone on the breastplate to represent the 12 tribes of Judea. More information is found at JCI World Corp.

In Revelations 21 we read John's vision of the New Jeresalem. The foundation is made of 12 stones, they are most likely the same stones as those that were on Aaron's Breastplate. Rainbow Castle.org has more on the foundation stones. When we go to Heaven and see this foundation we will observe an awesome site. Don Piper wrote the following observation of Heaven in his book "90 minutes in Heaven". "As I looked around, I could hardly grasp the vivid, dazzling colors. Every hue and tone surpassed anything I had ever seen." He later added, "I realized that everything around me glowed with a dazzling intensity. In trying to describe the scene, words are totally inadequate, because human words can't express the feelings of awe and wonder at what I beheld. Everything I saw glowed with intense brightness. The best I can describe it is that we began to move toward that light... It was as if each step I took intensified the glowing luminosity. I didn't know how it could get more dazzling, but it did." Our rainbow rings and bracelets are to remind you of the glorious future you have as a child (Princess) of God.


This bracelet has crystals beads to represent each of the 12 stones in the New Jeresalem. We offer the bracelet without a charm, or with one of two charms. The charms available are of a fish with Jesus written on it and a cross with Jesus on it. We also send a Revelations 21 brochure explaining the stones and the meanings of each of the different stones.

Only $19.95 with no charms

12 Precious Stones Foundation Bracelet

This adult bracelet is made of 60 stone chips that are mentioned in Revelations 21 and 2 simulated perals. We searched for over a month to find each of the stones listed. We wanted them to be from different parts of the world including United Kingdom, United States, China, Brazil and Mexico. This represents that Jesus died for everyone so that we can be with Him and His Father God in Heaven - The New Jeresalem. A brochure comes with the bracelet so you will know what each stone represents in the story of what Jesus Christ did for us. The bracelet takes about 40 minutes to assemble, and they are specially made as ordered. Only one charm comes as an option to add, and that charm is the fish with Jesus written on it. We pray this bracelet will help you remember to draw closer to God.

Only 34.99 with no charms.

This special brochure explains what the different stones represent. For more information on the foundation stones go to RainbowCastle.org

Only $36.49 with one charm.

The foundation will have a rainbow effect, but instead of the 7 colors found in a rainbow it will have 12 colors. The number 12 represents God's perfect and complete order. Each stone represents a story of truth about our Lord Jesus Christ. For example the "Jacinth" stands for "Abiding in Christ".


I have never been one to wear much jewelry, or having much interest in it. BUT I wanted to know more of why gems are important to God. The Bible is full of referring to precious stones. Wearing jewelry can help us to remember certain people, events or truths. A wedding ring reminds us that our love is to be never ending like the circle of the ring. Now when I put on my Jacinth ring I remind myself to be more like Jesus, and it continues to remind me during the day when I see this beautiful orange gem glisten.

We have found a beautiful 12 different colored zircon stone "Rainbow Ring". This ring will help you remember the 12 truths of the precious stones from the New Jeresalem foundation. (Zircon is similar to Jacinth.)

Just 4 Kids Magazine has written a story for children to help them learn about the Castle in Heaven that is waiting for all believers of Jesus Christ.

With the book we will offer "Rainbow Princess Bracelets" for Mothers & Daughters.


Members can receive the book for FREE.

You can read our online story at Rainbow Castle.org

Email mauri@just4kidsmagazine.com


This beautiful Amethyst Ring is available at JCI World Corp. - click HERE for more information.

Price $500.41
Includes shipping and insurance.

More Christian jewelry coming soon.

Video on Making a Loom Bracelet