During a recent thunder storm
when the sky was very dark
I asked my Daddy
"Why does the light not beat the darkness?
My Dad said:
"That will not always be."

Then I said:
"And a mighty wind shall arise -
And a booming voice will say:
"Darkness get away from my children.
Get away from my kids,"
as God tosses darkness into next worlds,
into hell,
away from His children."

Mom and Dad said that what I spoke was prophetic,
(God speaking through us about the future).

You can read about God having the Devil thrown into darkness.
Revelation 20:1-3 ~ Revelation is the last chapter of the Bible.






Picture of girl is Jamie Gandy, at age she made this prophecy.

Midi is provided with permission by sequencer and performer Yuko Ohigashi.  You are welcome to visit her wonderful site by clicking on her banner.  There she has CDs for sale, midis and MP3s!  This midi is entitled For The Children Of The World and is an original composition.


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March 16, 2002