The Miracle of Life

    by Jamie Gandy                                                                 January 10th 2013

    Warning this is long, personal and about an issue that is important. There will be NO tickling of the ears in this journal, so caution.

    Some may ask me, “Jamie why are you so pro-life, it’s just a fetus?”

    For starters, remember you were once that so called ‘fetus.’

    Any person with a heart of compassion can look at the face of a child and smile at the life and joy that lives inside that one being. Would you fight for that child?

    If a crazy gunman pointed a semi automatic at that child, would you be ‘brave’ enough to step in the way to protect the child? Regardless if you knew the kid or not, regardless if you were related to them or not, I’d bet over Fifty percent of you would say no. You’d say your own life is more important to you than that child’s. The child is just able to leave this ‘hell’ of an earth early, and maybe God is being merciful to that child.

    To me, I’m the kind of person who’d take the bullet. Regardless if I knew the child or not, I’d step in the way of the bullet. You could even argue maybe that I have a death wish, which is pretty far from the truth. I love my life, even though there was a time death was an option. Death doesn’t scare me though, and my life is nothing compared to the life of an innocent child, which I am not. I have my flaws and issues, so if my life in exchange for the life of a child is the price, then so be it. The life of an innocent child is worth protecting.

    Now this includes the Life in the womb. An unborn child, an innocent, beautiful gift from God to any woman, regardless of how it came to be is worth protecting. Would I give my life to encourage someone to choose life? Yes I would. Why, you may ask? Because my life for the life of an unborn baby AND the baby’s mother, would be a death worthy of dying.

    MOST women who go through with an abortion suffer from it. They grieve, and carry that guilt with them. Some become heartless bitches that push abortions on other women, so others can suffer the same kind of pain they are going through, (sick if you ask me). And still others carry that pain with them, sometimes never telling a single soul until they are old and gray, or they take that secret with them to their grave. Holding onto that pain, and heartbreak, for a lifetime.

    I must ask, who actually knows the reason abortions became legal in the first place, or are aware of the woman who started it, and her agenda for it?

    Do you realize over 80% of women who have gotten abortions since Rode vs. Wade legalized abortion, are blacks?

    Do you realize over 4,000 babies are aborted DAILY in the United States? Forty continuous years of abortion being pushed on young women, who are filled with so many lies and so much crap, such as, “You can’t raise a kid, you aren’t good enough, it’ll ruin you,” until finally all the negativity crushes her. Then she is put on a cold table, no one holds her hand, and her baby is RIPPED from her.

    Do you know that the lady who started abortion had an agenda? Did you know she was a VERY racist person?

    These are words from her very own mouth. Quote: “I think the greatest sin in the world is to bring children into the world, that have diseases from their parents, that have no chance in the world to being a human being, practically delinquents, prisoners, all sorts of things that are marked when they are born. That to me is the greatest sin.” End quote.

    How are we to know exactly how the baby will turn out? That child could discover the cure for cancer. No one is MARKED to be evil. And to kill the LIFE before it has the chance to become something AMAZING is down right SICK.

    Why am I pro-life? Because sick stuff like this makes me ticked off at people so heartless that they push their agenda on those women. “It’s just a fetus, just a fetus,” until they wear and tear the woman down, and then her baby is plucked from her. And only then, when it’s too late, they realize the truth. This was not just a little blob of nothing, like these women and girls had been told. This was an actual life. Unfortunately, when the damage is done, it can’t be undone.

    ‘But Jamie, it is a blob of nothing.’

    Not to my God it isn’t. ‘Before ‘I’ formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.’ Jeremiah 1:5 ‘For You created my inmost being, You knit me together in my mother’s womb.’ Psalm 139:13

    That should tell you clearly that WE are never just blobs of nothing in the womb, we are LIVING, GROWING, FEEDING, ALIVE. In the one place we should be our most protected.

    “But I’m not religious, God doesn’t exist.’

    First off, I’m ‘not religious’ either; I have a RELATIONSHIP with my Holy Father. Secondly, my mom volunteers at a Pregnancy Resource Center (a place that actually helps women), and she is also a member of the Board of Directors. I have to thank Tim Tebow for all that because the director of that new PRC and I met last year on Tebow’s Facebook page, and she happened to live here in Austin too. By accident we met at the screening of October Baby last February… I’ll stop there; it’s a long but cool story.) Anyway, this PRC opened on September 11, 2012 and my mom has been helping put together the Baby boutique.

    She was there last week, and she said there was a person asking if they needed a double stroller. They accepted the double stroller donation, and within five minutes a lady came in needing a double stroller. Stories just like this constantly happen when my mom goes there. Either for baby beds, car seats and other baby stuff, someone will come in asking if it’s needed so they can donate the item, and within minutes a client needs it unexpectedly.

    Dumb luck? Not at all, that’s how my God works. God is in the LIFE business.

    Last week a woman came in, the first one my mom’s witnessed, who was about to get an abortion. She’d gotten a test at Planned Parenthood and because of PP’s rule; she had to wait until the next visit to get the abortion. So the lady had to wait until the next day to get the abortion, but after stopping by the PRC and seeing all they do for women with babies/women who are pregnant, after seeing the life and help that was offered to her, seeing the hope and light of life, she decided to keep the baby. As my mom said, a life was saved! I rejoice at that!

    This PRC is not government funded, because selling your soul for the governments money keeps your hands tied and lips sealed when God is considered. This PRC and another PRC my family promotes stand for God’s truth. They hang scriptures and Christian art on the walls, they offer prayer to women who want prayer and also ask for it.

    This PRC is in a ROUGH part of Austin, a part were much Austin crime is committed, a neighborhood you don’t want to walk in at night alone because of the drugs, guns, prostitution and rough people, and a place in this city where a PRC is needed most, a light of hope to the women who live there.

    “Yeah, yeah Jamie, but why bother with it all?”

    Dear friend, life is a battle worth fighting, to the struggling drug addict, the man out of work, the homeless person, the pregnant teen, the depressed cutter who is thinking about suicide, to the father who lost his children and wife, to the child who lost their parents.

    This world is a dark place sometimes; bad things rip us, tear us, and beat us down. But life is worth the extra step, the push to keep on, and the strength to throw the knife/gun away and see just a glimmer of hope to keep living. Because as much as the bad stuff happens, there are times when the good stuff is so amazing that it takes your breath away; the laughter of a child, the beauty of a sunset, the kiss from the person you love, the helping hand from a total stranger, the hug from a family member. We have the power to strive for the beautiful things this life offers because not everything is destined for destruction and doom. Good moments and good lives exist. It just takes the strength to seek that, which is good, to not give up on the fight.

    The life in the womb, the baby that screams from inside. “Don’t let me die before I have a chance to make a difference, even if the one thing I change is you mama.” Give that beautiful, innocent, flawless life a voice at LIFE, a voice to live.

    You wouldn’t be here now if your own mother wasn’t strong enough to keep you, to choose life.

    I’m pro-life because living is better than dying; but dying is worth it to save someone else.

    “But Jamie the woman should have a choice!”

    Yes she does, so I’m offering her one of her options, her best life changing and saving choice. But no one SHOULD make it but her.

    I challenge you to watch this.

    Watch that and see if you will be so pro-abortion. In your mind you may think every abortion is an early term abortion, where the women are only two or three months pregnant, (which for your information the baby’s heart already can be detected at five weeks old, which is before most women even find out they are pregnant) but you’d be 100% wrong if you thought that.

    Late term abortions are done very often, so late that the baby is just born when the abortion is done. Where the baby comes out and the doctor kills it, by many brutal ways. Where the baby cries and cries and cries before it dies… Do you still claim it isn’t a life yet? Are you still for the abortion? Because if you are, you do have to realize abortion is performed during EVERY term of the pregnancy, and more and more is being accepted because people have become too sick, too callous, too cowardly to make a difference, to say ‘this is enough.’ Will you continue to be a coward or will you say enough is enough?

    The line must be drawn here? Because if we don’t raise our voice no one will, innocent LIVES will continue to be RIPPED away and destroyed because we were too weak to stand up.

    So I’m curious, to those who still think abortion ‘isn’t killing a life, the fetus/baby doesn’t even feel the pain.’ Have you ever seen an abortion take place? Have you ever done the research of HOW it is done? Have you ever seen a sonogram of a baby being aborted? Because I did just the other day and I can tell you that baby INSIDE the womb was fighting like hell even before the suction tube was touching it. She was stressed, she was frightened, she was fighting for her life. (and for all you Obama fans out there, he was a HUGE fan of late term abortions when he was senator, and likely still is considering his abortion agenda he has been pushing so strongly these past four years. Don’t believe me search it for yourself. )

    And how about gender abortion? Aborting the baby just because it is a girl? Do you think that’s okay? If you ask me THAT should be a women’s issue we should be rallying against. It is sexist; it is killing OUR gender, taking away OUR rights to live; yet very few even care enough to say anything about it.

    Take China for example where a woman or couple can only have one child, and most want a boy, so they abort every girl they have until they get a boy. Which means there are far too few women there, which means there are more rapes because SO many men can’t have a wife because there aren’t enough women, so some take what they want by raping the women they see. But I don’t see that raising any red flags.

    In our own country rape is constantly in the news, but what are we doing to stop it? I’d say stop putting rape scenes on TV because the more people see it, the more numb they become to it, the more they see it the less they care, the less they think anything of it. Instead of helping the teenage GIRL who is getting raped, they film it with their phones. Why? Because no one is stopping them, no one is standing up for women enough to put an end to our gender constantly get bashed, beaten, killed, raped. But that’s such a HARD issue to talk about isn’t it?
    So is abortion.

    I keep hearing about all these people who are pro-choice. By the way, have you heard that Planned Parenthood is going to change that term? They say that ‘the fetus isn’t a life!’, yet none are smart enough to try to back up their claim; none have actually SEEN or learned how an abortion takes place to really know a damned thing about LIFE. Most women find out they are pregnant around two months when they get morning sickness, yes, two months. By then the baby already has a heartbeat, already is forming. Is already growing. ~ (watch that for each stage of life IN the womb, from the moment of conception everything the baby will become its in place.)

    Conception: the action of conceiving a child or of a child being conceived. I know without a shadow of a doubt that life starts at conception, the baby may not be completely developed at conception but it starts the BEAUTIFUL journey of human existence. And it is beautiful; any SANE person who has seen the face of a living-breathing baby can see how that conception turned into this beautiful LIFE. We continue to grow even outside the womb, but never do we grow faster or more dramatic than when we are in the safety of our mother’s wombs.

    “Damnit Jamie, in the end it is the woman’s choice!”

    Tell me something then, how do you feel about immigrants coming across the U.S border unlawfully? Would you shoot the fellow? If not, what if another U.S citizen decided to? It is his choice right? Illegal immigrants are trespassers right? So the guy is technically protecting his land, so it is his choice to kill the immigrant from your very definition of ‘choice.’ Right?

    Some dumb butt pro-choicer people call Pro-life people such as myself haters, I can’t help but laugh at how stupid those people actually are. People standing and fighting for life are ‘haters’; you know that makes absolutely NO sense, right? We are protecting life, giving woman options on how to choose life in LOVING CARING ways, yet we are haters for actually CARING about them? At least we prove we care by helping them, a lot more than most pro-choice people do.

    Also, for those who are pro-choice but would never get an abortion. That is like saying ‘I would never kill an immigrant but I don’t care if you do.’ Either you stand for something or you don’t. If you wouldn’t do something, why would you advise or encourage someone else to do it? If you wouldn’t drive drunk but don’t care if your best friend does, and they get in an accident, that seems pretty thoughtless and careless, that seems more like a haters way of thinking to me. Not that I’m pointing fingers, but I’m sure not going to be called a hater for trying to SAVE someone from destroying their life, and the life of their baby. Find an honest woman who has had an abortion and ask her how she feels about it and see how she answers you. Look into her eyes, and actually PAY ATTENTION!

    “Jamie you really seemed harsh in this journal.”

    “You know, the truth is sometimes an ugly thing, and we can’t just bury our heads in the sand and ignore it. We have to dig down deep and find the courage to see the truth, the whole REAL truth (which is pretty hard to come by these days, because we are fed so many lies, because so many don’t have the stomach for the REAL HARD TRUTH.)

    I won’t be like 98% of the pastors out there just tickling their ‘flock’s ears’ to make them feel good and happy. Because it’s not about feeling good and happy, because the truth won’t always make you feel that way. The truth will make you grit your teeth, stomp your feet, and make your heartbreak into more pieces than you can imagine. The cold hard truth is not always pretty, and has a tendency to hurt a little bit.”

    Take heart though, Jesus, The King of kings, Lord of lords is the ultimate Victor in this world of evil and corruption. His truth will reign, and there WILL come a day when everyone will know about Him, but many will still not believe. And those who openly rebuke Him won’t have a second chance; because when you make that ‘choice’ you will indeed feel that the ‘truth’ is indeed an ugly thing when you go against it.

    Take heart Saints, because our King will destroy everything wrong with this world, and at the end He will destroy death. Paradise will be our reward, praising His Name forever for the marvels, for His goodness, mercy, love, faithfulness, grace.

    And God will take His throne as His Son Jesus Christ hands it all to His Father.


    And on one final endnote, there is a book called “Tilly” by Frank Peretti, I suggest to EVERYONE who just read this to find it and read it.

    If you read this, kudos to you.





Picture of girl is Jamie Gandy, at age she made this prophecy.

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January 10, 2013