Grace, our cat


No one realize when we named this
beautiful calico kitten
that we would learn the true
meaning of the word "grace"
because of the way she died.

        Her fur was yellow, white and black. Grace was little, but her ears were very very long. She was playful and loving. She was funny when she played with a golf ball. Jennifer got Grace from her friend Noel, and we all loved her.

        Our next door neighbor, Michael hurt Grace by throwing rocks at her. Her ribs were crushed and broken. We did not know where Grace was or what had happened to her. She was missing for several days when she finally came home dragging her broken legs. We took care of her the best that we could, but her body was bleeding inside. She died a week later.

    One day Michael came over to play. He said "Someone must have thrown rocks at Grace." Then mom knew that Michael had been the one to hurt Grace. mom told Michael that when we do something wrong we should confess and ask for forgiveness. And that is what Michael did. He told us he was sorry, and asked God to forgive him.

         Wow. It was very hard to forgive someone who has hurt a precious pet that your family loved very much, especially when that person hurt that pet on purpose just to be mean. But we all did forgive Michael because God tells us that when someone says they are sorry and asks to be forgiven we must, or else God will not forgive us when we do wrong things.

         We all learned the meaning of what "Grace" is. It means to be forgiven even when we do not deserve to be forgiven. Jesus died on a cross for us so that our sins could be forgiven by the Grace of God.

    (This story was written by Jennifer Burnell,
    Jonathan and Jamie Gandy, and edited by mom)

Jamie and her new Kittens
"Grace" and "Angel"
This is not "Grace" in this story










Performed by 
Bruce DeBoer
It is an original composition entitled, The Gift, and retain solely the � of Bruce DeBoer

Started October 2, 2002 Finished February 5, 2003