The Throne of God

The centerpiece of heaven is the throne of God.  It's here where multitudes upon multitudes gather to sing praises and worship God on His throne.  Angels constantly fly above the throne singing His praises and telling each other of new revelations of God's being.  It is here where the 24 elders are seated and fall down in worship of Him and lay the crowns they have received at His feet.  Lightning and thunder fill the air and waves of glory emanate from His presence.  

As I approached the throne the power of God quickly changed my motive for being here from a tour guide to a servant.  I soon found myself on my knees calling out praises to God along with the thousands of others doing the same.  It was then that I realized every person here, young and old, small and large, angel or human were all created for the same reason, to worship and serve God for all of eternity!

Then out of the cloud of glory came a man.  He came with arms open wide to receive the praise of the people and bless them in return.  His identity, though obvious from the beginning, was made certain by the scars in His hands and feet. . . Click to Continue

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