The Story of Lucifer

A long time ago, even before God made Adam and Eve,
God made the angels. The most beautiful angel that
God made was named Lucifer. His name means "light
from heaven
". He sparkled with incredible brillance.
He was in charge of leading all of the praise and worship
in heaven. The Bible tells us that thousands of angels
and other creatures worship God at His throne. Heaven was
full of glory and celebration was going on all the time.

Lucifer knew that it was great, and since he was the one
leading he became very prideful and thought that he should
be praised instead of God. He was jealous and decided that
he should take God's place on the throne. He gathered one-third
of all the angels in Heaven, and led them into battle against God.

Lucifer and his angels were badly beaten. God cast them out of
heaven and they fell to earth. Lucifer's name was changed to
satan, and his angels are known as demons.