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David and Goliath

1 Samuel 17:

David was a young shepherd boy. He watched his father's sheep. He fed them and kept them safe from being eaten by lions and bears. When David was alone with the sheep in the meadows he would spend time Praising and talking to God. David loved to play his harp. He would write songs and sing Praises to God.

One day David's father asked him to take food; (ten loafs of bread, cheese and grain), to his three brothers who were in the army for the nation of Israel. David was not afraid to go to the place where the soldiers were fighting. David trusted God to take care of him.

When David found his brothers, they were not fighing the enemy. All of the soldiers were afraid. When David came close to the army camp, he heard a loud voice of a very big man who was about nine feet tall. The giant's name was Goliath. David listened to Goliath dare the soldiers. He said, "Choose someone to come and fight me. If he wins, then we will be your servants. But if I win, the Israelite army will work for us."

David told the soldiers, "We should not be afraid of this giant. God is on our side. God will help us."

King Saul heard about the words of young David, and he sent for him. "David" King Saul said, "You are just a little boy, how can you fight a giant like Goliath who has been a soldier for many years?"

David told the king, "No one should be afraid of this giant soldier. I will fight Goliath. When I took care of my father's sheep, a lion and a bear tried to steal one of them and eat it. I grabbed the animal and hit him and killed it. God helped me kill both a lion and a bear, and God will help me kill this giant soldier because he made fun of God's armies."

King Saul could see that David trusted God with all of his heart. He could tell that David had great faith and was not afraid of Goliath. So King Saul said, "Go, and may God be with you." Then King Saul gave David a helmet and other armor to protect him. David refused to wear the armor because he was not use to wearing it. David took his shepherd's staff and his sling.

When David came upon a stream he knelt down and picked up five smooth stones and put them in his pouch.

Goliath Goliath came out again as he did every day, and said "Choose someone to come and fight me." When little David came out Goliath started laughing. Goliath said, "Am I a small animal like a dog that you send someone with just a stick to fight me? Come any closer, and I will kill you and leave your body for the birds and wild beasts to eat."

David was not afraid because he knew that God was with him. He told Goliath, "You are brave because of your big weapons - a sword, a spear, and a javelin, but I am brave because I trust the name of Almighty God. You cannot make fun of God or His armies. Today, God will defeat you and the rest of the Philistine soldiers."

David ran forward with a stone in his sling, whirled it around and let go of one end. The stone flew straight up and hit Goliath in the middle of his forehead. The giant, Goliath, fell facedown to the ground. David ran to the giant and climbed on his back, and he stood tall so everyone could see that David won the battle. Then David took Goliath's sword and cut off the giants head.

When the Philistine soldiers saw this, they were so afraid that they ran away. Now everyone knew that God was with David and that God helps people who trust Him.


1. David put the stones in a pouch of his _______ _________(v 40)

2. Goliath was a ______________(v. 40)

3. Goliath despised David for he was only a ________ (v 42)

4. Goliath had a _________, ________ and __________ to fight David. (v. 45)

5. David came to fight Goliath in the name of the _____ _________ (v. 45).

6. All those gathered here will _________ that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves. (v. 47)

7. David struck the Philistine on the ___________ (v. 49)

8. After David ____________ him, he cut off his head with the sword. (v. 51)



To help children remember the story of David and Goliath I told parts of the story while doing different activities. I started by having the children help me prepare a lunch of bread and cheese for three. We placed the sandwiches in three sandwich bags then into a large paper sack. As we prepared the sandwiches I told them that David's father Jesse gave David 10 loaves of bread, cheese and grain to take to his three brothers who were fighting in the army. One child took the bag of food to their brothers and sister. For a Sunday School class you could have one child be David and three other children be the brothers. You could also make a mix of whole wheat cereals and place them in a small baggie for the grain. After returning from taking the food we sat down and had a picnic eating the cheese sandwiches and slices of cheddar cheese.

After lunch I continued the story by cutting a large circle from a brown paper sack and coloring a face to represent Goliath. I hung the head at the highest point of our wall. I told the children about Goliath daring the soldiers and that he was a great big giant. I had each child turn against the wall so I could measure them and then I explained that this is how tall they were and look how much taller the giant was. I estimated how tall David would have been and showed them how much taller Goliath was than David.

When telling the part of the story of King Saul giving David his armor I had the children color the picture of David in the Armor.

After coloring I had the children sit around me and I continued the story by using visuals. I showed them 5 smooth stones, and a sling. I pointed again to the head of Goliath on the wall and explained how David used one stone and his sling to hit Goliath on the head. I touched each child on the center of his forehead. When I wanted to stress something important I had a child stand up and pretend to be David. Then I would have them repeat after me what David said. For example I had My grand daughter Jasmine stand up and say, "You are brave because of your big weapons - a sword, a spear, and a javelin, but I am brave because I trust the name of Almighty God.

For extra fun I asked them if they would like to go outside and hit Goliath's head with a stone from the sling? We took the paper head of Goliath and hung it on a tree about nine feet high. The children stood back and aimed the sling to try to hit Goliath's head. It was really exciting when Tyler, my 2 1/2 year old grandson hit Goliath straight on the forehead. Grandma helped him pull the sling back, but he did the aiming. Even the older children enjoyed taking turns to try to hit Goliath's head.

Later that afternoon I read the story to the children.

David & His Armor

David and Goliath from scriptures
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