As a grandmother I am reliving great joy in telling my favorite Bible stories to eight of my eleven grandchildren that live near me. These stories are dedicated to them. We will be adding more stories and craft ideas. They help me select pictures, as I read the stories over and over to them before I publish them here online. I hope your children and grandchildren enjoy these stories as much as my grandchildren do. You should see their eyes light up during Praise and Worship when we sing "Everything That Has Breath". My youngest grand daughter loves "Bullfrogs and Butterflies" just like her daddy did when he was little. She kept saying "Again" when the song stopped. What a great joy it is to sing these wonderful songs again with the children of my children!


    As a Grandmother I decided to have special toys in my toybox for my grandchildren. These toys tell stories from the Bible. Then whenever the grandkids come over they will remember stories from the Bible that I tell them. The favorite is Noah's Ark. Kids of all ages love to play with animals. It was easier to find a set of Noah's Ark in years past, but just keep your eyes open. They still make Noah's ark for kids. At first I could not find one so I bought 2 packages of plastic small animals and made my own set. I cut out pictures and my granddaughter helped me make an ark from a box. CLICK HERE for ark pictures to print. I later bought a set from a Christian bookstore which is for older children. Finally I ran across a great Ark during Christmas time.

    I also included a small stuffed lion for Daniel and the Lion's Den. A little baby boy doll for Baby Moses, and a soup dish was used for Baby Moses' basket. Keep your eyes open and you will discover all kinds of toys that you can rename and claim for your special toybox!

    Most important is the great musical instruments for kids that I keep in a special container for the grandkids. We always love to sing and dance to great Christian songs. If your grandkids love videos go to your local Christian bookstore and buying a few just to keep at Grandma's. I highly recommend Donut Man's videos for children. Kids from ages 2 up love his great stories and songs. you can go to his website if you do not have a local christian bookstore. CLICK HERE for Donut Man's website.

    If you have some great ideas please let us know so we can add them.

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