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Do you know the true meanings of Christmas symbols? Santa Stories Invitation to a Celebration Christmas Love The Big Wheel Why Jesus is Better than Santa Claus Twas Night Before Jesus Came Dear Santa The Doll and a White Rose Tears of a King Castle Rainbow Castle

Story of Bethlehem on night of Jesus' Birth

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Story of Baby Jesus 4 Toddlers~ Story of Baby Jesus 4 kids


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Story of Baby Jesus 4 Toddlers

Story of Baby Jesus 4 Kids

Visit to Bethlehem night of Jesus' Birth

Sherpherds and Angels in the Field

Wisemen Visit Baby Jesus

JUST ASK ~ Is Jesus' Birthday really December 25?
and other answers to you questions about Christmas

Why Jesus is Better than Santa

Teens 4 Jesus ~ Award winning poem "The Gift"

The Poinsettia Legend

The Candy Cane Legend

Our favorite Christmas Recipes

Recipe for Christmas Joy

The History of the Christmas Carol "O Little Town of Bethlehem

Song "Silent Night"

Song "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"

A Special Celebration Invitation Just 4 you

Just 4 Fun ~ Fun things to make, Games & Jokes

Craft Corner ~ Christmas Crafts to Make

Gift Shoppe ~ A Gift to Download for your parents

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Post Office ~ A Christmas Letter from us to You

Coffee Shoppe ~ Take a Break and enjoy refreshing stories and ideas for teachers and parents

Our special 12 Days of Advent lessons, stories and Activities

Rainbow Castle Christmas Stories

Twas the Night Before Jesus Came

Tears from a King

Dear Santa ~ Letter from a child

Christmas Love ~ A school play

The Big Wheel ~ A Special Gift

3 Fabulous Stories about Santa

The Christmas Gift ~ A wonderful story about Brothers

NO KIDDING ~ Internet Safety Tips

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