by Jamie Gandy

My former cat Trust who pasted away back in 2008 after being hit by a car. I had him for nearly a year, he was apart of a small group of feral cats, the baby of the group. The first time I saw him he was eating my old dog's left over meal. Being all matted and dirty he was I thought he was an opossum but when he turned to look at me I noticed he wasn't. :giggle: It took me nearly a whole month to get him to trust me, every day I'd go outside and place food out when I saw him around. First I'd be at distance from the food as he ate, but each day I'd get a bit closer and closer at a distance he'd allow. Finally by week three/four I was sitting by his bowl as he ate, the first time I reached out to touch him he wasn't sure about it but he ended up melting into the touch. Shortly after that he started following me around everywhere when I was outside, his old group disappeared and my family accepted him. He became the most trusting and loving cat, and he loved me more than anything else. A little more/less then a year later he went missing (at first I believed he was just becoming a tom and going around) by the third day of him missing I had this dream. I was laying on my bed and he walked into the room and jumped up beside me and just gave me the biggest grin ever. I knew he was saying goodbye to me, that he loved me and he always would. And I just knew that something had happened to him and God was giving me a chance to say goodbye to him in my dream. And that gave me peace through that time. Two weeks later I found his body... The way :iconvilenchik: did this piece is EXACTLY how I picture him now, up above with Jesus, waiting for me to join them. So ~Vilenchik thank you thank you thank you so much!!!!!