by Jamie Gandy

"Daddy please let me bring my Precious inside, she's lonely out there all by herself." Sniffling the young three-year-old girl cried softly, her big blue eyes glistening with her tears. "Please, please daddy, she'll be a good girl."

It was an extremely difficult situation she was putting him in, her demand was slightly annoying, but he really couldn't simply say no to his baby girl, she was his everything after all. He definitely understood how much she loved the pretty black gutter cat, a cat she'd met in the front yard one day when she was playing outside, the black stray was hiding under their old station wagon and instantly the two had gravitated to each other and became best friends. Precious lived in the gutter; so she wouldn't know what life inside a human house would be like. So he had his misgivings about ever letting the cat inside. But he couldn't completely break his daughter's heart either.

"Okay, how about this darling, if Precious is waiting right outside the front door on the porch than we will let her in." Brushing the back of her hand under her nose she nodded her cute little head, her already long light brown hair bobbing a little with her movements. "Okay daddy." Taking his big hand they headed over to the front door, he opened it and to his total amazement sat the patient beautiful cat, her yellow-green eyes lifting to meet his own gaze in a way that seemed to say 'What took you? My Jamie has been needing me and I've been needing her.' Rising to her paws she walked calmly inside the house and straight into his three-year-old daughter's arms. Chuckling he nodded. "Of course Jamie." He silently watched the two, the miraculous friendship, the bond and love between this odd pair, of a three-year-old girl and a gutter cat who loved his daughter almost as much as he did.

Jamie Gandy - christianonfire7:

My Precious is a True story. Precious was my first cat, and since I was a three year old girl I've had a cat since. (actually always more than just one. XD) But this beautiful cat, Precious, was my first, she hated everyone/everything besides my dad and me. She was my beautiful girl. And this story was so funny, such a warm memory. Because as you can see, there was many reasons why she wouldn't have been waiting for me by the door, her home was the gutter after all. But me and her had this amazing bond, so strong that as she thought 'what took you, my Jamie needed me, and I needed her.' God's way of giving us both what we needed. My Precious will always live in my heart. I love you girl. <3 Written on January 13th 2013