by Jamie Gandy

Though they aren't blood brothers, Obi and Hector are soul brothers. They've gotten so big since September 😻 They make my life so much richer, and they both have such big hearts. They know how to make me feel loved.

At just two days old (I believe?) an amazing fellow foster (Gloria Hudson) took him in as her foster. He was a singleton (meaning he had no mama and no siblings). When he got big enough to be gruel fed by a syringe they sent out a plea to find him a new foster.

I had just committed to taking in a new mama (Brittany) and her three, three-week-old boys when I saw Obi's (formerly Henry 20) plea. The instant I saw that face I knew I had to offer to foster him too (but I was sure someone else was going to beat me to it.) Lucky for me I was wrong.

I was responded to with a bit of concern. They wanted to make sure I didn't burn myself out because I would have to keep him separate from everyone, especially Brittany and her kittens because since they were coming from a shelter they could possibly be sick. A couple of days later I went to the nursery and picked up five fosters. Brittany, Hector, Hope, Hunter, and Obi.

I set up a crate in my room and put Obi in there with a stuffed tiger. From day one he and I bonded, our hearts connected.

But things weren't easy. Being a singleton, and a bottle baby he was a bit scruffy and skinny. He had some health concerns and those first few days I was scared he was going to take a turn for the worse and I was going to fail him as a foster...

My mom suggested putting him with Brittany and her boys. That after our experience with Happy being kept alone for those two months, we knew the importance of kittens having other kittens. I turned her suggested down, I wanted to follow the rules and wait the two weeks. Well, she pressed the issue a little until I caved and took Obi into her room to meet the others. Brittany hissed at first and growled, but Hector, Hope, and Hunter instantly expected him as their brother. I remember they crawled up to him and wrapped their paws around him that first day. It was absolutely beautiful.

I knew pretty quickly, at how our hearts contacted, that he was meant for me, and I was meant for him.

On September 11th I made him my foster win. My forever boy. My heart. He became my first EVER adopted cat. Every cat I have ever owned has either came to me as a stray, feral or the descendant of one. Star is the great-granddaughter of two cats that came into my life when I was five.. I have never had to go to the shelter to adopt a cat because somehow they found me.

Today (Or maybe it was yesterday,) he turned eight months old. He has grown into such a remarkable, healthy, loving, silly boy. I look at that little kitten face, the one that captured me back in August, and I am so blessed that I took him as my foster. My life is SO much richer with my Heart in it.

I love my Obi Alexander Gandy. <3

Jamie Gandy