by Jamie Gandy

Though they aren't blood brothers, Obi and Hector are soul brothers. They've gotten so big since September 😻 They make my life so much richer, and they both have such big hearts. They know how to make me feel loved.

Happy Adoptaversary to my handsome Hector Moo Moo. One year ago today my brother made Hector an official Gandy Pack member and therefore making him our third foster WIN.

In August of 2018, I saw a foster plea for a mama cat and her three, three and a half week old boys. They needed saving from being euthanized at a high kill shelter in Miner Wells, TX. We agreed to bring the family in as our fosters.

At the same time, I saw a plea for a four-week-old singleton who needed a foster. The picture of the tiny kitten instantly captured my heart. I responded saying I would also take in the orphan orange tabby. I was questioned if I was sure it wouldn't be too much for me to take in the family and this singleton, especially since they had to stay separate during the family's 14-day quarantine time. I committed, and that was truly one of the best decisions I have made.

A couple days later I picked up Brittany, her three kittens, Hector, Hope, and Hunter, and also picked up Obi (fka Henry 20). Obi roomed with me (and our hearts connected instantly) while Brittany and her boys roomed with my mom. Soon though, due to complications of weight management, Obi did end up joining Brittany and her boys welcomed him into his family at once! With Hector and Obi, it was brotherhood at first meeting.

Hector has always loved my mom and me, but it was my brother he chose as his person (why I will never know since my brother has never been a huge fan of my cats, he has always been a bully towards them.) I remember one night when Hector was really little my mom and I was watching a movie when my brother came home from work. Hector got up and went to the edge of the bed to get my brother's attention, then he leaped onto my brother's chest and demanded love. I think that was the moment my brother started to fall for Hector.

However, I had a rule that Hector and his brother, Hunter, should be adopted together. They were very bonded and deserved to remain together forever. My brother came to me a couple different times asking me 'Do they really have to stay together? I want to adopt Hector, but not Hunter. Hunter's cool too, but I don't want two cats.' I told him they were a package deal, even for him, lol.

At least that was the plan until a lovely couple came out that was interested in Hunter and another foster of mine from a separate litter named Trumpet Vine (now TingTing). The couple set in the living room for a long time playing and interacting with Hunter, Hector, TingTing, and TingTing's sister, Tulip. After all was said and done it was very clear that their hearted connected with Hunter and TingTing, and both boys felt the same way. I wouldn't have paired them together, to begin with, but it was actually a perfect match for them to be adopted together. (They are thriving in their forever home, and they are absolutely wonderful brothers.)

After that night my brother came to me again and asked, 'Since Hunter was just adopted by someone else, and that I wasn't the one to separate them, can I now adopt Hector now?' I then went on to question him about being sure he was willing to dedicate the next 15-20 years of his life with Hector, no matter what life throws at him, would he never EVER turn his back on Hector or abandon him. (Still cracks me up remembering how surprised he was about how long the commitment would be, lol.)

The next day, November 13th, 2018, we filled out Hector's adoption paperwork. That day he officially became Hector Moo Moo Gandy.

He is quite a bit different than his big forever brother Obi, but their bond and love for each other is the most beautiful relationship. Even today at their annual vet visit Obi went over to Hector in the sink and licked his head a couple times to comfort him. The Vet was amazed at the sweet act of love.

To you, my Trojan Prince, I love you so very much.