by Jamie Gandy

Happy Angel Twinkle Gandy. In the beginning of May of 2018 I saw a plea from APA that a High kill shelter was scheduled to euthanize over 50 cats and kittens in the coming couple of days. Even though I already was fostering a mama and her newborn kittens (Betty Crocker/Seren-silver tabby) my heart leapt into action when I saw the plea for Happy. She was only eight weeks old, a white little kitten. I went to my mom, knowing she'd been wanting a white kitten for awhile, and showed her the tiny face. The answer was an instant yes.

When transportaction of all the saved cats/kittens (YAY) were made, on May 4th, we went to APA and picked this tiny kitten up.

At pick up we found out on top of a URI she was covered in ringworm. We were asked if we still wanted to take her knowing this, and it wasn't even a question to me that had any other answer but, YES. She was coming home with me, and together we would concur this skin fungus!

Because of the ringworm Happy had to spend the next two months in the laundry room all alone, aside for her time with me. Every day after work I would come home and go straight into 'her' room and spend the next couple/few hours with her. Our 'sisterly' bond became so strong. On May 16th mom adopted Happy!

After she was FINALLY cleared of ringworm on June 28th, after almost two months, she was allowed into the 'pack'. The first moment she was allowed into the rest of the house she became INSTANT best friends with Aashish (German Shepherd) Knight (Black and white tom) and Esther (my German shepherd mix).

At this point all of mama Seren's kittens were of age and adopted out, all aside for her boys, Genesis (brown tabby) and Galaxy (gray and white). At this point Seren and the boys were allowed into the rest of the house as well to socialize with my 'pack.;' Happy was already bonded with my resident animals that she helped her foster brothers to learn how to interact with other cats and with large dogs. Soon her new found friends were adopted to a loving home. Fast Forward to October/November of 2018 when my current fosters, Hector (black and white) and Hunter (orange and white) along with Happy's new forever brother, Obi (Henry 20) are allowed to enter the 'pack' side of the house. She has become bonded to them, and has helped socialize them with the resident animals, namely the big dogs. She has helped teach them to trust her pack and to know the joys of being apart of a big family. So that when they go to their forever homes they will know that life is precious and worth living and loving.

Happy as a eight week old kitten, who at the early part of May of 2018 was on death row, thanks to the big heart of APA was allowed the chance to live. And live she does. She has forgotten the scary story of her entrance to the world, and has since opened her heart so fully to those around her.

Teaching the next generation of APA fosters to be Happy to live the good life with their families!

Page Two

May 4th of last year, just a couple weeks after Seren had her kittens, I saw a foster plea for over 50 cats that were going to be euthanized at a High kill shelter (PVAS). They needed fosters before they could save them.

As I was scrolling through the LONG list I saw this single little kitten that just 'screamed' for me to get her. Mom has always loved white animals (cats and dogs alike) and I knew if she saw this little kitten she would agree to foster her. I was right. I showed her the attached picture of the eight week old Happy and she said YES! I reached out to let the Team know that we would take the little kitten in. She ended up being the first one spoken for. And by that Friday, EVERYONE of the cats on that list were saved!

When we went to go pick her up at APA on May 4th, the med tech told us that she was covered in Ringworm and asked if we were still willing to foster her. We looked into the carrier to see this tiny, skinny, pitiful looking baby. There was NO WAY I was going to turn her away because of ringworm. It was going to make my life a lot more difficult for a little while, but I was willing to do it.

Because of her ringworm we had to keep her away from EVERYONE. And the only room we had to do that in was the laundry room. I set up a crate in there for the first couple of weeks, until she was big enough that she could be in the room by herself without being crated.

She was roughly eight weeks old, skin and bones, covered in ringworm, had fleas, had an URI and a leaky eye (and even still to this day she has an eye that waters sometimes).

I became her everything VERY quickly. I was the only one allowed to be with her, and every time I left her room I had to change clothes and wash my hands and legs to keep from getting the ringworm (after a month or so I did end up catching it.)

When I was at home I was with Happy. I of course took care of Seren and her kittens, and would be sure to spend time with them and care for them first than I would go and be with Happy. I got a bean bag chair and put it in there so I could lay with her. I would take my phone in there and we would watch series and movies together.

And twice a week she would get her Lyme dips, followed by her room getting bleached while she dried in her carrier in the kitchen. (she was a champ at taking her Ringworm medicine and letting me give her Lyme dips.)

For nearly two months this became our daily/weekly routine.

And MAN her transformation in that small time was AMAZING! She gained weight, her ringworm disappeared, her URI was cured, her dirty little fur became a stunning pearly white. And her eyes became so full of love and happiness.

On May 16th mom decided she wanted to Adopt Happy. So she went to APA and made Happy officially a Gandy pack member! And on June 28th she was cleared of having ringworm..
As soon as she was let into the rest of the house to meet my pack for the first time she knew she was home. She knew the five other animals, Star, Knight, Gideon, Esther and Aashish were her new siblings. Knight, Aashish and Esther became her best friends. Because of those first two months of bonding with only me I became her 'human'. She loves mom and Jon but the connection we have with each other is undeniable.

If I come into the living room or my room and she is in there her eyes will instantly watch me. When I come home from work she is there with the others waiting for me. Happy to see me. She has since become an amazing older foster sister to my foster kitties as well as an amazing big sister to Obi and Hector.

Once we adopted her we of course had the option of changing her name, but I just couldn't. Because she actually fits being Happy. She is happy to be alive. From being saved. Just because she had ringworm she would have died. I am HAPPY that I was able to play a part in making sure that didn't happen to her.

She was truly Happy to be alive.
She was Happy to be loved..
She was Happy to not be alone..
She was Happy to have a sister to dote on her.

So instead of changing her name, we added to it..
To Happy Angel Twinkle Gandy..
Angel after a cat I had when I was five..
Twinkle after a cat my mom had when she was a girl..
Two cats that were mostly white with a little gray/black on them.

Angel was the great grandfather of Star..
Peace's grandfather,.
Hope's father.

A name also fitting of this beautiful girl.

My home is so much richer with her in it. I am so much more happy with her as my little sis. <3