by Jamie Gandy

January 13 Anna is searching high and low for her babies. We had to take 2 more to APA nursery because they have upper respiratory problems. I pray they come home soon. Meanwhile our little foster mommy is not happy.

After the passing of Anna's precious kittens, Beryl Grey, Bjorn Ironside, and Blazing Dancer, I commissioned a friend of mine to do the image I had in my head after they passed away. As I was crying that night I remember seeing as clear as day Peace up in heaven with these three kittens, and he was telling me. "Don't worry mama, I have them. I will watch over them now." I asked my friend to bring that image to life for me, and she did so perfectly. The kitten on Peace's ear is Beryl.

How perfect also that Anna will be going to her forever home tomorrow night, on Valentine's day.

Excuse me while I go cry.

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New Year's Day
Valentine's Day