2 Years Fostering

Crazy to think it's been two years since we started fostering with APA because of Hurricane Harvey. These Facebook posts showed us their huge need for fosters and mom and I decided to start the journey, in memory of my boy Peace.

Two years later we have fostered forty-four cats. Including six mama cats, and thirty-eight kittens (our first three that came from Houston were five months old when we got them). Five have passed away due to illnesses. With thirty-eight successful adoptions (counting my three foster wins, Obi, Happy and Hector).
With my current foster, Bluebell, likely going to make adoption number thirty-nine today! I have also babysat (counting this coming weekend) twenty-seven kittens and two mama cats. With four of those kittens that were adopted and went to their forever homes while here.

The last two years have flown by. I have been so truly blessed to have shared my home with each of these amazing cats. I don't get updates from everyone, but for those that do, they always make me SO HAPPY to see them living a wonderful life.

A lot of bad came from Hurricane Harvey two years ago, lives where changed in destructive ways. But within all the chaos, some good has come out of it. And lives have been changed in good ways too.

Cheers to Austin Pets Alive! for making my life better by needing fosters.