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US Flag SiteWhat do the colors of the Flag Mean?

US Flag SiteIts a Grand Ole Flag
Great graphics and detailed information since the flag was first approved in 1777

US Flag SiteUS Flags

US Flag SiteRevolutionary War Flags

US Flag SiteThe Flag of the United States of America Page

US Flag SiteUnited States Code on the use of National Flag

US Flag SiteFlag Etiquette

US Flag SiteHow to fold the Flag

US Flag SiteFlag Education from American Legion

US Flag SiteFrancis Hopkinson
A little bit of information on the designer of the flag

The story of the OTHER Official US Flag!

US Flag SiteThe North American Vexillological Association
disputes the Hornswoggled story. Read the answer to the 6th question on the linked page.

(Vexillology is the scientific study of flags.)

US Flag SiteStar-Spangled Banner Flag House
This is the house of Mary Pickerskill. She made THE Star-Spangled Banner Flag.

US Flag SiteFlags of the United States
Presented by the University of Oklahoma Law Center.
Wonderful Clip Art archive containing all U.S. as well as individual State Flags.

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US Flag SiteFlags of all Countries

US Flag SiteFlags of the World
Flags of the world and information about flags of different countries and states.