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Day Trip to Manor & Elgin. By JCI First Coast Travel & Tourism.
With the Rainbow Castle Kids.


2016 - Saturdays October from 10 to 5 PM at the Harvest Fest at Crowe's Nest Farm


Saturday October 15th - DOGtober Fest at the Domain Shopping Mall
10 AM to 4 PM

Sunday October 30th from 1 to 5 PM at the Texas Capitol South Steps
for the Anti-Bullying and Domestic Violence Event.


This day trip is designed for families to have fun and learn about some interesting Texas history.

11 Stops Along Our Day Trip Route

    Travel East on the old historic trail of FM 969.

    Reuben Hornsby Historic Home Site. He was the first settler in Travis County in 1832

    Crowe's Nest Farm on Taylor Road

    East Metro Park on Blake Manor Road - Bullfrog Pond Fishing for Kids

    Webberville Park on the Colorado River - Blackland Praire

    Elgin Train Depot Museum

    Elgin the Sausage Capital of Texas

    Butler Bricks. Tour the plant and learn how bricks are made.



    Old Ghost Town on Littig Road

    Manor - Famous Water Tower from 1992 Movie "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

    Café 290 in Manor. A historic Army Barricks from WWII.


1.    Which actress/actor left their Footprint in front of the Tamale House in Manor?
A. Darlene Cates,
B. Johnny Depp
C. Leonardo Dicaprio

2.    Stephen F. Austin gave Rueben Hornsby property along the Colorado River
for providing what service for the State of Texas?
A. Making New Roads
B. Drawing Maps
C. Surveying Land

3.     Which two kinds of fish does the Texas Parks & Wildlife stock at Bullfrog Pond at East Metro Park?
(They are listed on the sign in front of the pond).
A. Channel Catfish and Rainbow Trout
B. Rainbow Trout and White Bass
C. Speckled Trout and Channel Catfish

4.     In 2001 Anticipating the dramatic growth about to occur in the area why did Travis County purchased the land for East Metro Park?
A. To provide recreational opportunities for the people in the area.
B. To preserve open space as agricultural land is converted to other uses.
C. Both A. and B.

5.     In the middle of the night during August 1833 Sarah Hornsby woke up and told Reuben Hornsby,
“Josiah Wilbarger is not dead, I saw him in a dream, stark naked, covered with blood, sitting under an oak tree."
Sarah is Reuben's
A. Mother
B. Wife
C. Sister

6.    Josiah Wilbarger was discovered exacly where Sarah had dreamed he was.
He lived for several years after being scalped by Indians.
To remember him a __________ was named after him.
A. City
B. Street
C. River

7.     Which city was settled first in Travis County?
A. Austin
B. Elgin
C. Hornsby Bend

8.     What was the name of the man who owned the Farm and Cattle Ranch that is now Crowe's Nest Farm?
A. Mr. Nash
B. James Manor
C. T. B. Wheeler

9.     The city of Elgin was started because this was coming to town?
A. Sausage from Germany was coming to Elgin.
B. The Train tracks from Houston to Austin was coming through Elgin.
C. Mr. Butler was moving his brick company from Austin to Elgin.

10.     Café 290 is located in Manor. It first opened in the post World War II Era in Manor.
The Café is an actual Army Barricks used during the War.
It was moved from Camp Swift outside of Bastrop to this spot during which President's
post WW II Highway construction initiatives
A. President Truman
B. President Eisenhower
C. President Lyndon B. Johnson.

11.     Webberville is located in the Blackland Prairie. A Prairie is an area of land that has mostly grass, supported by herbs, a few trees, and has a moderate climate. What does blackland mean?
A. Mr. Webber was the first to settle here. He married a black slave so the people in the town named it Blackland.
B. The city is along the Colorado River and the river banks are black.
C. The black-land prairies have dark, rich soil which is good for farming. The color of the soil is represented in the name of this eco-region.

12.    . Elgin is known as the Sausage Capital of the World.
For 29 years on the 4th Weekend of October the city holds an annual festival called.
A. Pearls Before Swine Festival
B. Hog Eye Festival
C. Elgin Sausage Fest

Avery, Brett & DaMiah danced to the song "HAPPY" on the bridge at the Fairy Garden at Crowe's Nest Farm.
You can watch their video at Rainbow Castle.org/tv. Take your pictures on your day trip to the places listed above with the rainbows and email them to Mauri@ Just4KidsMagazine.com and we will put them on our next issue.

Learning history can be fun. Ask your parents about your family history.
Find out when your family or ancestors moved to Texas.
Why did your family move to Texas?

100 years ago Avery & Brett's Great Great Great Grandfather Edwin Daventport moved to Austin from Bessermer Alabama to work at the American Statesman Newspaper. He came here because Austin was growing and so was the news. The paper needed more workers to print more newspapers. He loved Austin so much that he stayed here until he died. His son and three grandsons also worked at the American Statesman.

Samuel Barrow came to Texas from Tennessee in 1839 with his family. He became the sheriff in Gonzales in the 1845 to 1852. He is our first ancestor in our family to come to Texas. His sister, Parmela Barrow married Christopher C. DeWitt who was the son of one of the first settlers in Texas - Green DeWitt.

Send your answers to Mauri@just4kidsmagazine.com


Indian Depredations in Texas by John Wesley Wilbarger - 1888
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Wilbarger Creek

Agriculture History in the United States

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