Queen Amethyst and the princesses of Rainbow Castle are ready to fight the battle against the demonic forces.

The Dark Warrior of Deception appeared one dreary evening on the shores of Rainbow Castle. She came drapped with doubt and covered with grief. She was ready to attacked the whole town with her lies. The evil crows waited for her instructions to fill the town with fear and hate.

   Princess Turquoise, Princess Ruby and Princess Emerald

Princess Sapphire, Princess Pearl and Queen Amethyst

(Click on each princess to print.)

CLICK HERE for 8 Princess Warrior Cards and CLICK HERE for Back of Cards

(Princess Warrior Card Game - Print out the two pages, 8 princess warrior cards,
then print the card backs on the back side of the 2 sheets you printed.
Children can play a matching game by placing all the cards face down and having them take turns finding pairs, or you can pass out the cards evenly to the children and have them match the cards by pairs and then take turns asking if a certain child has one of the cards that they have in their hand. Example: "Sarah do you have Princess Ruby." If Sarah also has Princess Ruby she must give up her card, and the child continues to ask another player if they have the card. Another option is to play the cards like Old Maid. Take out one of the Dark Warrior and the child left with this card will place it down on the table and say "Dark Warrior You Lose The Battle Again!"




The Warrior Princesses are by Melissa