A friend is someone who really cares about the inside of you.
A friend does not care about the stuff you have, or the way
you look or how popular you are.
A friend cares about the real you.

A friend is someone who will tell you the truth
in a loving, and caring way.
A friend is TRUSTWORTHY.

A friend HELPS you
A friend CARES about you.
A friend is someone who likes
the things that you like,
at least most things.

A friend is someone you can TALK to,
and will LISTEN to you.
Friends SHARE with each other.
They share the good times,
and the bad times.
A friend shows RESPECT.
and will not break promises or
tell others your SECRETS.
Friends do not JUDGE each other.
Friends ACCEPT you for who you are.

True Friendship

        There are many songs about special friendships.
        One that we really like is the song
        "That's What Friends Are For".
        The song reminds us that friends
        are there to help each other.
        Here are some of the words to the song...
        Knowin' you can always count on me, for sure
        That's what friends are for
        In good times, in bad times
        I'll be on your side forever more
        That's what friends are for.

    10 Friendship Commandments

    (from "My Best Friends and Me" by Emilie Barnes)

    #1 DO keep promises and secrets.
    Friends should be able to trust each other.

    #2 DON'T boss others around or tell them what to do.
    (unless they ask!)

    #3 DON'T play tug of war with your friends.
    Everybody can have more than one friend.
    And acting jealous and possessive is a definite
    friendship buster!

    #4 DON'T gossip or talk behind people's backs.
    That always causes trouble!

    #5 DO try to work your problems out.
    If you're hurt or mad, don't just blow up
    ] in anger or sit in a corner and sulk.
    Go to the other person and see if you can talk.

    #6 DON'T tease people or put them down.
    That really hurts.

    #7 DO try to keep your sense of humor!
    When you can see the funny side of a problem,
    sometimes it stops beins so much of a problem.

    #8 DON'T brag or show off.
    It annoys people, and it makes you look worse,
    not better.

    #9 DO think about others' feelings
    and try to understand why they act the way they do.

    #10 DO learn to say "I'm sorry" and
    "I forgive you" and

    "It is hard to stop a quarrel once it starts,
    so don't let it begin."
    The Book of Proverbs

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