God's Princesses

Every girl dreams of being a princess.
Her hearts desire is to be loved and cherished by a King.
God's girls are special because they are
daughters of the King of Kings.
They are the most treasured princesses of all!

These special lessons teaches young girls
that God loves and cherishes them,
because they are His own special daughters!
Mauri Gandy

"If only you knew what a wonderful gift
God has for you."
John 4:10

Our Friends:

Fallon and her sister Kara.


Index ~ 7 Princesses teach about the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit

(Top left to right: Kylee, Jamie & Angelea: Middle: Jenny, Chiara, Lexi, Carrie, Avery, Jasmine, Sierra, Jenn & Christina:
Bottom: Mauri)