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    I am Princess Jamie,
    and I want to share with you about my very special friend.
    All friends are special, but there are friends that you will have
    that will be really special. These are the friends that you know
    very well and spend a lot of special time together. Some people call
    these BEST FRIENDS. I have one of these friends, her name is Fallon.
    She is more than a best friend, she is my FOREVER FRIEND.

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    Fallon and I have been friends for a long time and I can not imagine
    not being close to each other. We have shared everything. We share
    similar likes for music, books, and acting. We share our inner most
    feelings and our dreams for the future. We have even promised to be
    each otherís maid of honor when we get married, which is a long way off.

    I remember when we first met. Her family had just moved to the
    neighborhood. Fallon lived across the street and down one house.
    She came over to meet me on October 21, 2001. I had just turned
    ten years old and Fallon was almost nine. We did not talk much
    because we were both pretty shy and did not have much in common.
    While she was over my cat had crossed the street and got hit by a car.
    I was so very sad that my cat died, and Fallon being a cat lover too
    was sad for me. Sharing that experience started our friendship in a tragic
    way, but it made our friendship special too. We were not close
    the first year. Sometimes we played together with other kids in
    the neighborhood but we really did not have much of the same interest.
    Then one day we realized that our friendship had grown and we had
    a lot of things in common.

    We have been close friends for five years now, and we will always be
    forever friends. It doesnít mean we do everything together. We donít!
    And it doesnít mean we donít have other special friends. We do!
    But when I really have great news to tell or when one of us is really
    sad about something, or when one of us has a fabulous idea, the first
    person we call is each other. Or we run across the street to tell our
    forever friend the news.

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    My mom says that special friends like Fallon is a gift from God.
    You can not make someone be a forever friend. You have to wait
    for that special friend to appear in your life. First you get to
    know each other, and share a lot of fun and maybe some tears, and
    then one day you realize your friendship is really something special.
    So while you wait for your forever friend enjoy the friends you do have,
    and practice being a good friend to all of your friends.

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    Paul wrote in Corinthians
    ďLove is patient and love is kind. If you love someone you will always
    believe in her, always expect the best of her. Love goes on forever."

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