You have read fairy tales about magnificent kingdoms,
distinguished kings, royal queens, beautiful princesses, and brave knights.
Today I am going to tell you a story that represents a real King
and His children in an awesome kingdom.

Come Step into God's Kingdom!

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Main Gate Moat Courtyard Fountain of Life Rainbow Castle
Rainbow Market High Tower Treasured Princess Faith to Believe Princess Ruby
Righteous Waterfalls Righteousness Princess Sapphire Eagle's Rock Bridge of Redemption
Knight Agate Luscious Garden Luscious Garden Revelation of Knowledge Princess Emerald
Alone With God King Peridot Swan Lake Princess Pearl Princess Pearl
Lighthouse Knight Diamond Rainbow Cove Dolphins Knight Aquamarine
Enchanted Forest Knight Topaz Out of Darkness Gates of Peace Peaceful Valley
Beautiful Meadow Transforming Beauty Princess Turquoise Freedom Thankful Heart
Glory Mountain Abiding in Jesus Knight Jacinth Queen Amethyst River of Life
Sunset Treasured The Prince The Secret Door Times Goes By
Rainbow Stable The Horses Six Candles Rainbow Birds Jesus Returns
Heavenly Angels

The Main Gate

The High Tower - Not Forgotten 'Justified'

Waterfalls of Righteousness

Eagles Rock - of Salvation

Bridge of Redemption

God's Luscious Garden - Knowledge of the Word
and Jesus - The Fountain of Life

Enchanted Forest - Alone With God

Swan Lake - Dance of Wisdom

The Lighthouse - Praise & Fear of God

Rainbow Cove - Almighty Power

Peaceful Valley - God's Understanding

Beautiful Meadow - Walking in Forgiveness

God's Transforming Beauty


A Thankful Heart

Glory Mountain - Abiding in Christ

Sunset Beach - Walking as Noble Sons and Daughters

River of Life


The Secret Door

Time Goes By

Rainbow Stable

The Horses of Rainbow Castle

Six Candles - The Revelation & Equipping of the Holy Spirit

Jesus Returns

Touch of Heavenly Angels

Redeemed by the Blood

The video below is on the awesome picture by Danny Hahlbohm called "Bride of Christ"

"Keeping the Kingdom First"
by Andrew Murray







Digital painting:  by artist Phillip Deck.  Mr. Deck allows Moon and Back the exclusive use of his art to make web sets to sell.