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Schizencephaly Awareness Music Concert March 24, 2013
part one

Ethan at Therapy on Tuesday February 26, 2013. Song Gladiator" by Lauren Silva

Lauren Silva sings "Rainbow"

Lauren Silva sings "Gladiator"

Lauren Silva sings "Shadow"

(Blip.tv took our archived videos off line.
I am keeping them here until I can replace them at vimeo and youtube)


February 7, 2013 with J. Craig Gandy

Special Guest Terry Pawlowski Randolph and son Ethan on overcoming challenges with Schizencephaly

JCI-First Coast Special

March 10th Sunday 11 AM on Channel 10






Produced by: JCI Productions

Please join us at Ethan's Launching Party
on March 24th 2013.
We want to show our support in Ethan representing Austin at the
first National Schizencephanly Awareness Event.

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