Photos of a special little boy named
Ethan Wayne Randolph

Ethan with his parents Larry and Terrie Randolph

Ethan in the hospital for 16 botox injections
in his calf muscles.

The cast is placed after botox (serial casting)

Ethan after first cast was taken off
and he was flat footed for the very first time.

Ethan broke his leg at Mueller Lake Park on March 3, 2013.

Please join us at Ethan's Launching Party
on March 24th 2013.
We want to show our support in Ethan representing Austin at the
first National Schizencephanly Awareness Event.

Pirates Costumes

Captain Mayhem and Noah

CLICK HERE for photos of Ethan and his friend Mohandas Jones.

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Digital painting:  by artist Phillip Deck.  Mr. Deck allows Moon and Back the exclusive use of his art to make web sets to sell.