A rare condition of the brain

LISSEN means smooth;
CEPHALY means brain,
(smooth brain) -
a neurological disease due to abnormal development of the brain.

On September 21st 2013 Brett Lewis Burnell and Ethan Wayne Randolph went to Malia Moore's Lissencephaly Awareness Event at Opal Divines on South Congress in Austin, Texas.

Jelly Beaz the clown painted batman faces on the boys.


Malia, Brett and Ethan were all born in the year 2008
June 17th, October 8th & November 3rd.

Another guest at Mailia's event was Krishnan Sundaram, musician and writer of Babu The Three Legged Dog.
It is a children's story about a dog that overcame his handicap of losing a leg.

CLICK HERE for more information on Lissencephaly

Seattle Children's Center - Dr. William B. Dobyns

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Digital painting:  by artist Phillip Deck.  Mr. Deck allows Moon and Back the exclusive use of his art to make web sets to sell.