Ethan is a special boy
with special needs.

He was born with Schizencephaly.

Schizencephaly is a very rare disorder
It is a word that is hard to say.
And it is a disorder that makes every day
a challenge for Ethan and his parents.

Ethan likes to run, play and learn
just like other boys his age.

When Ethan was 4 years old
he went on TV with his mom
to tell others about Schizencephaly.

Ethan was invited to travel to Nova Scotia
to meet other children and parents
who also have Schizencephaly.
The parents found each other on facebook.
They were going to meet on a special
pirate ship and have fun with the pirates.

Ethan goes to therapy to help
develop his muscles
and help his coordination.
Ethan works real hard at therapy.
He is really happy when he
plays in the pool of balls.

One day Ethan got filmed during
his therapy for a special TV program
about Schizencephaly.

Ethan and his family
went to Mueller Lake Park to have special photographs made.
There were ducks swimming in the pond.
Ethan and his friends fed the ducks.

Later Ethan went running down the hill
to see the ducks again.
He ran so fast that he fell,
tumbled and rolled down the hill.

Ethan broke his left leg
He went to
Dells Children Medical Center
to get a cast put on his leg.

Lauren Silva and her friends held a Music Concert
for Ethan so that others would learn about

Great musicians played instruments and sang.
They dressed up like pirates and pretended
that they were on a pirate ship
at Opal Divines in Austin Texas.

Lauren sang Ethan's favorite song

Clay Campania sang a special song for Ethan.
Clay let Ethan strum his guitar.

Jennifer Lindsey played with her band.
Ethan and Layla danced on stage.

A special little girl Nova Leigh
came to the concert with her mother Barbara.
Nova lives in Austin and has Schizencephaly.

The Gandy family of
JCI Productions filmed the special music concert.
It has aired on Channel Austin TV many times.
Now lots of people know about

Ethan and his friend Brett
went to a special event in September
at Opal Divines to meet
Malia Moore.

Lessen means smooth.
Cephaly means brain.
Malia was born with a smooth brain
This causes her to have special needs.

Malia's parents found other parents
who have children with Lessencephaly
They have a special facebook page.
Some of the moms came to Malia's party.

Jelly Bean the clown
painted special faces on the children.

Ethan & Brett
had batman faces.

The owners of Opal Divines, Mike & Susan
has a special loving heart for children
with special needs.
This was Malia's 5th event.
She is growing stronger.

Ethan is looking forward
to his 2nd Schizencephaly
Music Concert in March 2014.
Ethan is growing stronger.

There are many kinds of conditions
and problems for children with
special needs.

One common factor about
special needs children.

They are very special !!!


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Digital painting:  by artist Phillip Deck.  Mr. Deck allows Moon and Back the exclusive use of his art to make web sets to sell.