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My husband and I read Watchman Nee's book "The Release of the SPIRIT". It talks about brokeness that needs to occur so that God can release the inward Spirit inside of us. The book also states that a man must become broken (poor in Spirit & Mournful) before he can become Meek. I realized that when Jesus told the Beatitudes he not just named 8 beatitudes, He told them in the order that we need to have them occur in order to become the blessed men and women of God He desires. My step son, Jeff added that he had read that it is important that a person be Meek before he becomes Righteous. A person who is Righteous without being Meek will become Self-Righteous instead of Righteous in God's eyes. Once we are in right standing with God we are able to reach out to others in God's true Mercy, be Pure in Heart, Peacemakers and endure Persecution. In following each of the steps we will be blessed with all of the blessings God has for us. Our beatitudes book is written for children to easily understand, yet it is full of great truths that Jesus taught. Adults that read this book understand more fully what Jesus was saying. (For those adults who would like to dig even deeper our member library provides the link to Watchman Nee's book online.)