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* 25 Days of Christmas guide book with lessons, crafts & easy instructions.
* 25 Days of Children's Activity Workbook
* Beautiful graphics on every page that you can print to create your own Christmas gifts.
* Children's Colorful Storybook with 25 short stories.
* My Little Rainbow Castle Christmas Book for young children
* 25 days of Christmas Songbook
* 25 Days of Christams Interactive CD for kids;(Zip File)
* Advent Calendar
* 25 A-B-C Cards just for children;
* 24 Twelve Days of Christmas Cards to cut out and play;
* 4 Weekly Cards to remind us of each Advent Candle -
Hope, Faith, Joy & Peace
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* 12 Days of Christmas Lessons for Dec 25th through January 6th

*Access to 37 days of special online Calendar with daily Christmas
pages including Christmas lessons, activities, stories, legends, and more.
* 46 online Christmas stories in audio files ready to listen or download to a cd

We have made it easy for you by planning stories, lessons, crafts, decorations for your home and tree, plus activities and fun for every day in December. All you do is click and print. Make this Christmas season an adventure your family will always remember!

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2016 Advent starts on November 28th


These readings include the lighting for the 4 weeks before Christmas
and on Christmas Day. Just 4 Kids Magazine has been selling this
little booklet for four years. It includes scriptures and the meaning
of each candle. Only $4.99 for all 5 readings.
Need Directions for an Advent Wreath and Candles?
You are suppose to use three purple, one pink candle and one white
candle. Sometimes you might have trouble finding the colored
candles, and the large ones can be expensive. This year I
decided to make my own advent candle holders and share them with
you. Easy to make. Just cut out the pictures we made and use
cans and items around your home.


A New God Inspired Christmas Play is available. "Baby Jesus and the Royal House of Rainbow Castle" Download the New Storybook for only $9.99 or Download the Play Package and Storybook for $19.99 The play is unique and has many options. You can use it for your classroom or in addition to a Christmas Pagent for your church or school.

Become a member of our 25 Days of Advent section for $24.99 before Dec. 21st and receive the play package and storybook for only $8.99. Includes over $120 worth of graphics of each character, and the twelve stones. 12 Cutouts and background scene is included for children to use as puppets to act the play out.

  Just for Kids: Vocabulary is appropriate for child performers ages 6 - 18. Easy dialogue, no long speeches! Easy for kids to memorize!

  A Flexible Cast of 30 Children: Easily adapted for a smaller or larger cast. Great way to introduce children to Lessons for 2009 ~ "Twelve Truths from Rainbow Castle".

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These Books can be used any time during the Christmas Season. Double up on the Days, or take them one at a time. You can even use The 25 Days of Christmas lessons during Ephiany (The 12 Days after Christmas) or use our 12 Days of Christmas Lessons on the Names of Jesus. Keep your kids busy with these activities, crafts and stories while they are home during the Christmas Break! All this for one price of only $24.95.

If you have several children to buy Christmas gifts for you can make each one of them a CD and you only pay one low price! Our Books are a Great way to teach kids about Jesus and His special birthday ~ CHRISTmas!

25 Days of Advent and Christmas books are now available in print and CDs at www.lulu.com/just4kids.

25 Days of Christmas & Advent Lessons for children
* Teacher's Instruction book ~
Easy to follow directions in E-Book format

213 pages of:

Games to play,
Recipes to bake,
Celebrate Jesus' birth
Ornaments and Gifts to make,
Meaning of Christmas Symbols,
How did Santa get in Christmas?
Twas the Night Before Jesus Came,
History of "O Little Town Of Bethlehem",
25 Online stories to listen to and download,
101 Praises to Download ~ A gift for parents,
History of the Candy Cane, The Poinsettia legend,
36 Days of Christmas Stories, Lessons & Activities,
Great links to Christmas web pages for children, and much,

Ten E-Books with stories or crafts are included in the Advent Christmas Package. These E-Books have stories and crafts that are shared each of the 37 days of Christmas From Dec 1st until Jan 6th. You can make as many CDs, Books, and Cards as you need ~ one for each class member or one for each child on your Christmas list. (All you need is a printer and/or blank CDs)

Stories read online include: "25 Days of Adventure Stories on Angels, Baby Jesus, City of Bethlehem "Up, Up and Away to New Adventures", Donkey, "The Three Trees" Father of Christmas Carols ~ Francis of Assisi, The Christmas Gift, "HOLLY". The Invitation, RECIPE for Christmas Joy, Why Jesus is Better Than Santa, The Legend of the First Tree Lights, Multitude of Angels, Dear Santa letter from a child, Feast of the Nativity, "O Come All Ye Faithful", Legend of Cow Bell, The Legend of Poinsettia, The First Christmas Cards, The Legend of Candy Cane, Lesson from Santa, A "True" Story of Santa Claus, O Christmas Tree, 3 Holy Kings, Saint Francis of Assisi, A Christmas Legend, Please Remember My Birthday, STORIES WRITTEN BY JAMIE GANDY & READ AS A FAMILY D is for Donkey "Donkey's Path", Good News of the Talking Animals & "Isn't God Good" MAURI'S FAVORITE CHRISTMAS BOOKS (Available only in audio on our website.) "An Alphabet of Angels", "Christmas Donkey", "The Ox and the Donkey", "Alabaster's Song", "Jacob's Gift", "Legend of St. Lucy", The Littlest Angel", "The Nutcracker", "The Legend of the Poinsettia", "Just In Case You Ever Wonder", The Candy Maker's Gift, "The Legend of the Candy Cane", "A Special Place for Santa", "The Newborn King", . "King of the Stable", "The Very First Christmas", One Solitary Life, MORE STORIES ONLINE THE CHILD BORN AT BETHLEHEM, "The Big Wheel", Gift of the Magi by O. Henry.
CHRISTMAS POEMS: For Unto Us is Born a Savior by Frances Pucillo, Christmas Greeting from a Fairy to a Child by Lewis Carroll, God's Gift, A Special Gift, Carol of the Brown King, Far Away In Bethlehem, Snowflakes On My Face by Francine Pucillo, "Twas the Night Before Jesus Came", "Christmas Lights In Heaven", Christmas Thoughts, A Christmas Poem For Mom, Until You Return dedicated to our soldiers serving overseas.

To view the story of the writing of our
"25 Days of Christmas"
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